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Digital Transformation in Banking Industry

    Digital transformation in the Indian banking sector has revolutionised day-to-day banking for consumers. Read this post to know how banks are embracing digital technologies to improve their products and services further.  

    The government launched its 'Digital India' campaign in 2015 to help the country keep up with global competitors. While the digital revolution has impacted every industry, the banking sector has been at the forefront of this transformation.

    At AU Small Finance Bank, we have fully embraced cutting-edge digital technologies to meet the needs and expectations of modern consumers. Here is a brief overview of digitalisation in banking and how AU Small Finance Bank has upgraded its products and online banking services to help its customers experience new-age banking.


    Digitalisation in Banking: Role & Advantages

    Digitalisation has disrupted the Indian banking sector and made it more compatible with the changing needs of an aggressively growing country. The rising influence of digital technologies among consumers encouraged banks to innovate and offer a wider range of products and services that align with modern times. 
    Some of the top advantages of digitalisation in banking are:
    • Extensive range of digital products and services
    • 24x7 access to banking services with AU 0101 App and NetBanking
    • It saves time and effort.
    • Improved process efficiency and reduced human errors.
    • Analytics to better understand customer needs and expectations.

    AU Small Finance Bank: Badlaav Humse Hai Campaign

    At AU Small Finance Bank - India's largest small finance bank, we recently launched 'Badlaav Humse Hai' campaign to introduce an extensive range of next-gen banking products and services. It demonstrates our dedication to digitalisation and innovation while also enabling to cement our position as one of the leading banks in the country.

    We currently have more than 750 touchpoints across the country. The launch of digital services will further boost the reach to ensure that people even in rural and semi-urban parts of the country have access to digital banking solutions.


    Take a look at some of our latest offerings:

    • AU Savings Account

    At AU Small Finance Bank, we offer one of the most extensive range of monthly high-interest Savings Accounts, including AU Savings Account, AU Sr. Citizen Account, AU Digital Savings Account and more.
    Under its 'Badlaav Humse Hai' campaign, the bank also launched AU 0101 App / NetBanking, a next-gen digital banking platform with a full suite of innovative products and services.
    • AU Credit Cards

    Are you searching for Credit Cards with benefits like Reward Points, Cashback, free insurance and an extended warranty on electronic purchases? Browse through the Credit Cards offered by AU Small Finance Bank. 

    The Zenith, Vetta, Altura and Altura Plus Credit Cards come with a wide range of benefits and rewards to help you make the most of your monthly spending. 

    • AU WhatsApp Banking

    AU Small Finance Bank is also one of the few banks in the country to offer WhatsApp Banking Services. Register your mobile number with your bank account and you can start using this service for free. 

    From transaction notifications, checking account balance to knowing more about monthly interest payout, it allows you to access a host of services through WhatsApp. 

    • UPI Payments from AU 0101 App

    The UPI (Unified Payment Interface) was launched in India in 2016. AU Small Finance Bank was one of the first banks in the country to update its digital interface for UPI. 

    The AU 0101 App can be used to generate BHIM UPI QR code for business and individuals use to make and receive payments on the go.


    Embrace Digital, Choose AU Small Finance Bank

    As one of the leading changemakers in the Indian banking sector, AU Small Finance Bank understands the role of digitalisation in banking and has constantly strived to best serve its customers. The 'Badlaav Humse Hai' campaign is another step in the direction to embrace digitalisation and comply with the banking needs of modern consumers.

    Download the AU 0101 App or visit AU 0101 NetBanking to know more about our extensive range of digital banking solutions and experience the new world of banking.