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Home Decor Ideas for a Luxury Home

    A home is a reflection of one’s individuality, tastes and lifestyle. We give you some quick home decor ideas to ramp up your home with style and elegance, and by extension, enrich your lifestyle.
    Regardless of our unique personal styles, each of us has the ability to create a space that is both functional and stylish. By curating unique items and thoughtfully arranging your furniture and accent pieces, you can uplift the appearance of your home, to make it look more trendy and stylish. Here’s how.
    • Add Colour with Wallpaper

    There’s psychology around how colours affect the brain and the environment around us. As per studies, beautiful colours in your room help you become more creative and inventive.
    Stay away from bland shades and choose light ones. Colours like beige, light pink, white, lavender, yellow will always look fresh and on-trend. They can exude glamorous energy – and for sure, exude elegance. What’s more, they pair well with everything, such as one highlight wall with a bold shade.
    • Create a Wall Gallery

    Create a wall gallery, if you have a bare wall. Get creative wall hangings, go for decorative wallpapers or for unique artifacts. Opt for simple, cohesive frames or bring in an array of ornate variations to mix things up! This will not only create a center for the look of the room, but will also add a touch of sophistication to your lifestyle.
    • Add Curves to Your Space

    Since most rooms are box-shaped, it would be fun to add some curves to the space. Tables, chairs, sofa, kitchen platform and bookshelves with a curve, shaped or adorned with spirals, dots and designs look classy. They add a distinct look to the room and make the living space a little more modern.
    • Make it Organic with Indoor Plants

    Living in an apartment or a bungalow doesn’t mean you can’t cultivate your own small patch of garden around. Just pick a corner, and store some decorative plants in your room. Not only will you score a beautiful room with greenery around, but you’ll also enjoy the benefits of plants, since it calms the mind and nourishes the body.
    • Add Warmth with Decorative Lights

    You might want to invest in some warm light fixtures. Good lighting can completely transform the look of the entire living space. From floor lamps, side wall lights, lamp shades, to fairy lights, these can breathe a new life into your home. Mason jar lights, chandeliers, fairy-lit bedposts, bottle lights and origami flower lights are some more ideas.
    • Save Space with Smart Organisers

    Invest in storage organizers – ones that serve flexible storage needs. Place such units to store books, linens, flatware, home supplies, and any extra things that need to be stored. An attractive organizer will not only save space smartly but will also make your house look more clutter-free, beautiful and eye-catching.
    Since our homes are our most-loved possession, it only makes sense to take complete care of its appearance and vibe to upgrade and match our lifestyles in all the ways it can. With these six ideas, we hope you can create an ambience of comfort, warmth and elegance to turn your home into a heaven of serenity.