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Current Account - A Must-Have for All Businesses

    As a business owner, it is imperative & beneficial to have a Current Account as it lets you do banking transactions conveniently and seamlessly all day. Whether you own a small, medium, or large business; having the right banking solution is critical because handling money matters through your Savings Account may complicate your business transactions. Let’s get to know more about this account designed for business.

    What is a Current Account?

    A Current Account is a type of bank account that is specially designed to meet the needs of entrepreneurs, business owners, proprietors, small-sized firms & more. If you are a business owner, you can open a Current Account independently or jointly with any partner to process high-value transactions.

    It works just like a Savings Account; however, the only difference is the account does not offer/generate interest. In a nutshell, a Current Account allows you to manage day-to-day transactions, keep track of your expenditure and simplify your taxation process. 


    Features of AU Current Account

    We, at AU Small Finance Bank, offer a wide variety of features in our Current Account packages; let’s look at some of them:

    • Higher & flexible cash deposit limits.
    • The Current Account minimum balance varies as per the packages offered by the Bank.
    • Extended banking hours^ for customer transactions.
    • Get a free AU Debit Card for all Current Account packages.
    • In Royale Business Account one can group the family Savings Account with the Royale Business Current Account and avail a host of features and benefits.
    • Sweep-In and Out facility is available in AU Vishesh Account.
    • Benefit of zero balance by just completing min 1 txn of INR 100 monthly on QR and POS in available in AU Power Account.

    Types of AU Current Account

    When it comes to managing business finances, it is a must to choose an account that suits your requirement. At AU Small Finance Bank, you can choose from any one of the types of Current Accounts to suit your specific need.


    AU Royale Business

    Our AU Royale Business program offers superior business banking experience and best in class solutions with a host of benefit and privileges. Family banking, special pricing on business products, domestic airport lounge access are some perks customers get with this account.

    Regular Current Account

    Our Regular Current Account is designed to help businessmen with day-to-day transactional needs and provides a wide range of handcrafted service packages like Basic, Value, Maximum and Premium.

    Vishesh Current Account

    Our Vishesh Current Account is especially designed for medium sized businesses to ensure optimal utilization of money and increase savings by earning interest on surplus funds with Sweep-In and Sweep-Out facility.

    Power Current Account

    Our AU Power Current Account is a special offering for shopkeepers, traders, wholesalers, and manufacturers etc. who accept digital payments from customers daily. And by linking your AU QR code or POS machine with your Current Account, you can get a host of special benefits to make banking easy and convenient.


    Benefits of Current Account for Business

    • You can transfer funds, make payments, and carry out transactions with ease.
    • You can manage a large volume of payments systematically.
    • You can manage day-to-day transactions through demand drafts, pay orders, or cheques.
    • There is no restriction on the withdrawal or depositing of funds into the account.
    • Avail doorstep facility for delivery of cheques.

    How to Open a Current Account?

    Businesses can open a Current Account with AU Small Finance Bank, which is the Largest Small Finance Bank of the country.


    Apply for a Current Account Online

    Any business owner or enterprise can apply for a Current Account online through our website.

    Apply for a Current Account Offline

    You can visit the nearest AU Small Finance Bank branch. Alternatively apply for a Bank Account by calling our customer care on 1800 1200 1200.

    ^Not applicable in some select locations. To know your branch timings, click here.

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