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Choosing The Best Savings Account For Yourself | AU Small Finance Bank

Choosing The Best Savings Account For Yourself

    Savings are the best way to prepare for your future. If you start saving early and invest wisely, then going forward, you will have ample money to live comfortably and take care of your expenses. Having money set aside comes handy in case of medical emergencies or health issues. It also gives you a chance to travel, to buy things you desire, invest in a house, or even start a new career. Even if you haven’t started early, it’s never too late to start!

    When opening a savings account,you’ll find too many options out there and it would be difficult to know which is the right one.

    Some of the things you should look for in a savings account are:

    If you’re looking for high interest rate along with many other benefits, AU Small Finance Bank has the right savings account for you. Whether you are a child, a student, salaried or self-employed, an NRI or a senior citizen, there’s a specially tailored account for you. With an AU Savings Account, you get:

    Monthly Interest Payout -

    You can earn interest every month on your deposit. You can treat it as a supplementary source of income or use the interest to save more.

    Why this is a great combination


    This Interest on your savings is credited to your account every month.

    Let’s take an example, you make the deposit in January of Rs.10 lakh. After a month, you will receive the interest calculated on a daily basis. In February, you will earn interest on the initial deposit + January interest. In March, you will earn interest on the initial deposit + January interest + February interest. And so it goes on. Apne savings pe earn kijiye.

    What’s more - The process to deposit money is as simple as it can be, with no cash deposit slip. So, banking with AU Small Finance Bank is simple, with a savings account that not only helps inculcate the habit of saving, but also rewards you well.

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