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Building Immunity this Lockdown

    It has been observed that the elderly are more susceptible to coronavirus. However, there are proven ways to keep your immune system healthy and offer strong resistance to all diseases. 
    Old age generally leads to reduced physical and mental stamina. The lockdown does not make it easy – with its demand to stay indoors and limit movement either for the purchase of essentials or for medical visits to a clinic. Which is why, it is vital for senior citizens to take control of their own health amidst the outbreak. Here, we share some simple tips to help elders stay physically and mentally healthy during the lockdown.

    1. Prepare a Frugal Grocery List: Choose Essentials Wisely

    Plan each meal of your week wisely. For that, start with first noting down what is being used in your kitchen the most and how much is it being consumed. Prepare a grocery list for a week or two to avoid frequent trips to the grocery store. If possible, try to stock your kitchen with non-perishable food items like lentils, pulses, cereals, flour, rice, eggs, oats, dry fruits, etc. Non-perishable foods have a long shelf life and are healthy options for quick snacks and meals.
    Last, of all, ensure you get a healthy family member to pick up the grocery for you. If you are staying alone, you can take your neighbors’ help or order directly from a store that offers no-contact home delivery. 

    2. Include Immunity Boosting Foods in Your Diet 

    Start your day with a nutritious breakfast to provide the body the burst of energy it needs to function throughout the day. Foods like poha, oats, boiled eggs, dosa, upma, steamed idli, fresh fruit smoothies, etc, make excellent breakfast options – since they are healthy, inexpensive, easy to prepare, easy to chew and digest.
    For lunch and dinner, make sure you consume a lot of fresh vegetables, pulses, cereals, etc. Rich in vitamins and minerals – these food items will create a wall of immunity and help you fight off diseases.

    3. Prepare Simple Dishes and Eat Mindfully

    You don’t need to overstock your kitchen to make a great dish. Instead, stick to no-fuss recipes and focus on clean tastes by using fewer ingredients. Avoid experimenting with fancy dishes that require a lot of ingredients during the lockdown. This will strain your digestive system less too; which brings us to…
    Avoid consuming fried items during the lockdown. Almost everything that we consume can be baked, grilled or cooked in an air fryer. You can resort to low-calorie snacks and food items such as sprouts or salads as a replacement for the usual fried items. If satiety is an issue, increase the intake of low/non-carbohydrate food items such as pulses (dals), freshly cooked vegetables, fruits, etc. 
    Meanwhile, you can also browse the internet for healthy recipes. You will find lots of nutritionists and doctors recommending various healthy diet plans for senior citizens during the lockdown. 

    4. Don’t Forget to Exercise and Meditate 

    The physical and medical benefits of exercise and meditation are well known. Spend 30 minutes daily in some kind of fitness activity; be it aerobics, yoga or any type of dance session like zumba. Each type of exercise is important in its own way – so pick one that suits your health and needs. However, avoid too many jerky activities to prevent physical discomfort or injuries during the lockdown.
    Similarly, it is recommended to make meditation a daily habit. Regular exercise followed by meditation will not only boost your immune system; but will train your mind and body to stay calm and tranquil. It will elevate your mood and help you stay happy and joyful even in dire circumstances.

    5. Take Your Medicines Regularly

    If you have a medical history, ensure you follow your medication routine. If required, take advice from your doctor over phone. 
    Finally, do not confine yourself in a room ruthlessly. Treat yourself with love and kindness; pamper your body and soul and avoid news that is unconfirmed. Follow personal hygiene, keep all helpline numbers handy and don’t panic. This phase will pass soon. 
    So, stay Home, stay Positive, stay safe and stay healthy!

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