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Book Review: ‘Your Next Five Moves - Master the Art of Business Strategy’ by Patrick Bet-David

    A businessman or entrepreneur needs to like a chess player. They need to envision the next five moves, incase they want to be a winner. This book illustrates how one can master this art. It offers innovative strategies to help you achieve success.‘Your Next Five Moves - Master the Art of Business Strategy’ is written by Patrick Bet-David – a successful startup entrepreneur, CEO of PHP Agency, Inc., emerging author and Creator of ‘Valuetainment’ on Youtube. It is a practical and effective guide for thinking more clearly and achieving your most audacious business goals.
    What this Wonderful Book Brings to the Table:
    • Gives you clarity on what you want to do and who you want to be.
    • Offers strategy to help you reason in the war room/ board room.
    • Provides growth tactics for good and bad times.
    • Offers skills for building the right team.
    • Offers insight on power plays and the art of applying leverage.
    Drawn by Patrick himself – the above principles and revelations can help you become a successful businessman – be it any field, any industry. 
    Key Take-aways from the Book:
    • Always make it a practice to think five moves ahead in everything you do in business. This practice will lift your game and lead you to greater success.
    • In almost every industry and every field, 20% of the players will be doers, while the remaining 80 percent will be actors. The key to positioning yourself firmly in the doers camp is to continually invest yourself in learning and growth.
    ‘Your Next Five Moves - Master the Art of Business Strategy’ is suitable to all those who are interested to learn more about business – be it executives, strategists and entrepreneurs. It may also apply to students – especially those with a business background.
    The book has the drive and the fire to make a difference. Whether you have lost your spark, have hit bottom rock or are looking for innovative strategies to take your business to the next level, ‘Your Next Five Moves’ has all the solutions for you.
    As the author sums it up in a nutshell like this –  “The only thing separating us from greatness is a vision and a plan for achieving greatness. When you’re fighting for a cause, a dream, something greater than yourself, you will find the enthusiasm, passion and joy that make life a great adventure. The key is identifying your cause and knowing who you want to be.”
    ‘Your Next Five Moves - Master the Art of Business Strategy’ by Patrick Bet-David is currently available on and So, go ahead and give it a read today!
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