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Bollywood Movies That Are a Total Fashion Inspiration

    Bollywood movies have heavily influenced fashion trends. From metallic shirts, leather pants, skirts, sequin and chiffon sarees, to colourful sweaters and jackets, the movies have bombarded us with major #FashionGoals!

    Here we have listed down some famous Bollywood movies that you can binge-watch again and again only to seek inspiration for your wardrobe.

    • Devdas - 2002

    Devdas continues to be our most opulent fashion guide for all things extravagant. Right from Paro's makeup and lengha to Chandramukhi's jewellery and saree, the movie had it all packaged to perfection.  The detailing of each and every look is hard to miss. You can happily mute the movie and just enjoy it visually.

    • Rangeela - 1995

    This movie brought about a complete transformation to the wardrobes of young ladies in the 90's. Short and chic dresses in bright colours paired with caps and boots was a look that revolutionized college wear. It's surprising how the trend set by this movie was picked up so quickly! 

    • Kuch Kuch Hota Hai - 1998

    KKHH revolutionized college into a whole new cool look. Polo Tees, GAP sweatshirts, plastic heels, bob haircut, cheesy friendship bands, headbands - all became an instant hit back then! The movie was a toast for every fashionista, where the leading stars in each and every frame were admired for their refreshingly confident style quotient.

    • Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gum - 2001

    This movie was just appealing to the eyes, in terms of glamour and style.  From semi-backless tops, short skirts, trendy pants, jackets, blazers, traditional sarees and lenghas, to the grandeur of the locations—K3G was one WOW larger-than-life movie, all overflowing with—Good Looks, Good Looks, and Good Looks!

    • Dil Chahta Hai - 2001

    Dil Chahta Hai was a game-changer in the Hindi film industry.  It not only bought more youthfulness in Bollywood movies, but it also paved way for more effortless fashion and bits of spunky looks.

    Dual-toned shirts, funky pants, floral print shirts, and street-smart skirts, and dresses redefined fashion and brought out the I-don’t-give-a-damn attitude style.

    • Dhoom 2 - 2006

    Go watch Dhoom 2 and you won't even realise that that movie is more than a decade old. Whaaaaa!? Hot bodys, chiselled abs, bikini tops, micro-minis, sun-kissed hair, latex bodysuits, and what not — this movie was a feast to the eye!  The outfits and makeup of all the stars were so good that we can ape it even today! 

    • Dostana - 2008

    From the concept of the movie (homosexuality) to the wardrobe of the actors, everything was way ahead of its time, especially considering it was 2008!  The film is known for breaking a lot of fashion stereotypes. While everyone applauded the chic beachwear and quintessential glittering saree of Priyanka Chopra, it also paved the way for more experimental looks for men. Ombre shirts, scarfs, floral print, neon outfits, V-neck muscle tees, vests, and super hot shorts were a breath of fresh air in the menswear style.

    • Fashion - 2008

    Well, the name says it all. This movie is filled with designer outfits and showstopper gowns and dresses. If you’re a fashion lover you must have already seen this movie & if you haven’t, watch it now. There’s so much to be inspired by. It’s a treat for all fashion lovers.

    • Dil Dhadakne Do - 2015

    The film was all about a family holiday, and we got plenty of vacation outfit goals from the wardrobe of the stars. The breezy fits, cool prints, and colours are perfectly in line with the nautical theme of the movie. A perfect blend of trend and comfort, the outfit and makeup is something that most millennials are inclined towards. 


    While there are plenty of fashion movies to add to your queue, these listed above are good enough to transport you to a whole new world of glamour.  No matter how old you get, the movies will inspire you to bring out the best in you!

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