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Best Video Conferencing Tools for Effective Team-Work During the Lockdown

    When all team members are working from home amidst the lockdown, it becomes a little taxing for seniors or managers to track the project status of daily work. However, with video conferencing tools, it is easy to connect with the entire team for all kinds of business discussions.
    With work from home becoming the need of the hour, companies are being forced to work from home more and more effectively. At such times, effective communication tools are required to manage operations remotely. With a deluge of video conferencing tools, however, businesses can effortlessly work with customers and clients, irrespective of location.
    There’s no short supply of video-conferencing tools in the market. In this blog, we have listed some of the best video conferencing tools for remote working.

    1. Zoom

    Lately, Zoom has become the default video-conferencing tool for business communication. With super-fast functionality, Zoom delivers everything you need for online business meetings.


    • Zoom is easy to set up, use, and manage
    • You can join from anywhere using your laptop or smartphone. It supports iOS, Android, Windows, MacOS, and web
    • Offers HD video and audio calls
    • Offers excellent built-in tools for screen sharing
    • Users can get up to 100 participants on a call. To get more participants, you can use the paid service
    • Can share multiple screens
    • Offers built-in recording and transcripts
    • Offers chatbox both for groups and one-on-one messaging
    • Access to extra features like webinars, chat, and phone
    • Offers robust security solutions.
    Note: A security advisory was issued by the Indian government against Zoom recently. Zoom has said it is working on end to end encryption for video chats, and is working with the Indian government over app security issues.

    2. Google Meet

    Google Hangout, which is now Google Meet, is yet another good communication solution for online meetings. The rebranding comes at a time when Google is eyeing an extensive rise in usage amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. Meet is a part of the larger G Suite package of collaborative software. Each package of G Suite is loaded with feature-rich applications.


    • Meet is accessible on iOS and Android mobile devices
    • Easy to use and operate
    • Nonpaying users can invite 25 people to join a video call. With the paid Google Meet service, you can host video calls with up to 250 people depending on the service plan selected.
    • You can even invite participants to a meeting straight from your Google calendar
    • If you cannot attend the meeting via video, you can use the phone to call into the Google Meeting. The event creator will just need to provide the meeting dial-in number and pin number.
    • You can record meetings. Once the meeting is over, the host receives a link of the recording via an email, which they can share with other team members later.
    Note:  Currently, Google is making the premium version of its video chat tool-free until July 2020, to help businesses work efficiently due to coronavirus outbreak.

    3. Facebook Messenger Rooms

    Even Facebook has entered the race for a complete video-calling solution. The company’s CEO recently announced Messenger Rooms, a video conferencing tool.


    • You can create a video room straight from the Messenger or Facebook
    • You can start and share rooms on Facebook through News Feed, Groups and Events
    • Facebook's new video calls let 50 people to drop in together
    • Those who don’t have a Facebook account can also join in. The host will have a link generated that can be shared and used to join the room.
    • There is no time limit to the video calls made from Messenger rooms
    • The owner of a meeting can control and choose who can see and join the room
    • Users will also be able to use AR effects and new features like immersive backgrounds and mood lighting.

    4. WhatsApp Video Calling

    WhatsApp is one of the most used social apps of our time. It has millions of users around the globe, with numbers increasing daily. So, its video calling facility, allows you to arrange a small team meeting effortlessly with almost everyone on your list already having it installed.


    • WhatsApp video calls can be made to anyone in your address book/contact list
    • Works on both Android and iPhones seamlessly
    • Video calls are end-to-end encrypted
    • As per the latest update, WhatsApp has doubled the limit from four to eight. Now users will be able to add more than four participants in a video call.
    • Making calls on WhatsApp iOS/Android app is pretty easy.

    5. Microsoft Teams Video Conferencing

    Microsoft Teams Video Conferencing is another beneficial tool that you can use to bridge the gap with your office team members. It's available in a free version and in paid as well.


    • You can schedule and join video meetings within the Microsoft Teams app
    • Simple to use. You can sign up for the service using just an email address. Once you are logged in, you invite others to join your team.
    • You can video chat with up to 250 people at once or hold any meeting live—be it webinars, company-wide events, and presentations with up to 10,000 attendees
    • It prompts you to reserve an available conference room system or virtual meeting room for your meeting and automatically adds dial-in details to the invitation. When it’s time to meet, you’ll get a notification with an easy “click to join” link.
    • This seamless tool offers screen sharing, video calling, file sharing, persistent chat collaboration, and scheduling into one easy-to-use workflow
    • With Microsoft Teams video conferencing you can also access popular MS Office programs such as Excel and Word as well as Outlook
    • It can be downloaded on windows, Mac, iOS and Android devices.
    All the mentioned tools are excellent and user-friendly. They will not only help you manage your team but will also help you create a positive work environment, despite your team members being miles apart.
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