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Benefits of Video Banking

    Video Banking combines human expertise with digital empowerment to offer improved flexibility and efficiency. Moreover, the benefits of Video Banking are plenty and help customers in many ways. Take a look.


    Video Banking Benefits for Customers


    Convenient & Easy to Use

    With Video Banking, customers can get a branch-like banking experience at their homes. You can connect to a bank executive instantly or schedule a call at your convenience. And the whole process is as easy as making a video call from your laptop, smartphone, or tablet.


    Smooth Customer Journey

    From opening an account online to completing Video KYC, initiating fund transfers, and updating personal details, customers can access 400+ banking services anywhere and anytime. Instant access to banking services saves time, making it highly suitable for our busy schedules.


    Personal Interaction

    Customers continue visiting the bank for various avoidable reasons due to the human touch that comes naturally with a personal visit. Video Banking eliminates the effort by digitally bringing video bankers to your home for face-to-face interactions.


    Cost Effective

    Video Banking saves customers the hassle of having to travel from their homes to the bank branch. With Video Banking, we bring the branch to the customer, making it the most cost-effective method.


    Improved Expertise

    With Video Banking solutions, customers can get in touch with specialized bank executives that generally don’t travel between branches. Depending on your requirements, a specialist can offer personalized assistance and recommendations.


    How to Use Video Banking?

    To initiate a video call with your bank, you’ll need:

    • A computer, smartphone, or tablet with a camera and microphone
    • Internet connectivity
    • Necessary documents required by your bank

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    AU Video Banking Solution

    With AU Small Finance Bank’s Video Banking solution, customers can instantly get in touch with a bank executive via a video call. AU Video Banking facility is available to both AU Small Finance Bank customers as well as non-AU Small Finance Bank customers. Using this facility, you can do Fund Transfer, open FD or RD, Dormant Account Activation, Avail Interest Certificate, etc.

    To initiate a call with us, visit our Video Banking Page on official website & you simply need to click on ‘Connect with us’ button.

    A pop-up will appear wherein you need to enter your mobile Number & Click on ‘Generate OTP’.

    You will instantly get a call from an AU Small Finance Bank representative.

    Alternatively, you can also avail this facility on AU 0101 App.

    If you want, you can also schedule a video call later at your convenience. AU Video Banking features AI-based facial recognition, mobile OTP verification, and encryption. AU Small Finance Bank offers a safe and secure digital alternative to access 400+ services from the comforts of your home.