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Benefits of Two-Wheeler Loans that Make Your Life Easy

    Two-wheeler loan ke laabh janiye, aur apni dream bike bina kisi chinta ke kharidiye!

    In our buzzing cities, two-wheelers are a popular choice. That is because they are not only cheaper than other vehicles, but maintenance bhi zyada nahi hai. Aajkal, car owners are also investing in two-wheelers so that short distance travel in cities becomes easy, since two-wheelers glide through traffic.

    Lekin sometimes it may so happen that you don’t have enough money to buy a two-wheeler at once; or money hote hue bhi you don’t want to spend so much upfront. In such a situation, you can take a two-wheeler loan from a bank, non-baning financial company, or from your two-wheeler manufacturer. Aap hamein bhi contact kar sakte hain and we will help you out.

    Before applying for the loan, you must know its benefits. Chalo dekhte hain ki two-wheeler loan ke kya benefits hote hain:


    1. Fast Approval –

    Wo din gaye jab you had to wait for months for loan approval. Now, you can get a two-wheeler loan approved very quickly, sometimes within a few hours. At AU Bank, aap two-wheeler loan ke liye online bhi apply kar sakte hain


    2. Less Financial Pressure –

    Even if you have enough funds to buy the two-wheeler and don’t need a loan, hum yeh advise karenge that you should consider it. With the help of the loan, you will pay a small amount of installment every month. Hence, you will have extra cash in your account for unexpected expenses and to invest in instruments like FD to earn high returns.


    3. Flexible Repayment Schedules –

    Nowadays, two-wheeler loan repayment schedules are quite flexible. Repayment schedule ka meaning yeh hai ki the loan amount that you have received, you will need to pay it back to the bank in installments. Most of the banks aapko 12-48 months’ tenure offer karenge. This will reduce your monthly EMI.


    4. Low Income Eligibility –

    To get a two-wheeler loan, high income level is not necessary. It is also not necessary to be in the taxable income range. Even if your annual income is INR 96,000 you can apply for a two-wheeler loan.


    5. Additional Benefits –

    Two-wheeler loan ke help se you can also get insurance cover and accidental cover. Tip: high loan amount paane ke liye, you must quote the two-wheeler’s on-road price, and not the showroom price. But please keep in mind that on-road price consists of RTO, insurance and ex-showroom price.


    6. Easy Way to Improve Credit Scores –

    It is best for young people to repay their two-wheeler loans on time, to develop a good credit score for other loans in the future.


    Getting a two-wheeler loan is now quick and easy. We hope ki aap apni dream bike purchase karne ke liye two-wheeler loan zaroor consider karenge. For more information, please call us at 1800-1200-1200

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