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Benefits of Customised Credit Card

    It might be tempting to stack multiple Credit Cards that help you address specific needs. You may apply for a Travel Credit Card that offers lounge access benefits if you are a frequent traveller or apply for a card that helps you collect Rewards Points if you are a shopaholic.

    However, keeping track of multiple cards isn’t easy. To avoid such hassle, you can now customise a Credit Card & fulfil your needs by adding or modifying the card features. This will enable you to maximize the benefits you receive from each feature without overburdening yourself.


    Customised Credit Cards

    Basically, customization of a Credit Card allows you to choose the features that can be added to the card to meet your requirements. Customers can avail cards customised to their spending category and lifestyle requirements.

    In fact, AU Small Finance Bank has rolled out the LIT (Live It Today) Credit Card, which is India’s first customised Credit Card that gives you the power to select or change the features just the way you like.

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    Benefits of Customised Credit Cards

    • You have the freedom to select card features as per your lifestyle needs.
    • You can turn off and on features of the Credit Card whenever required.
    • Enjoy the flexibility to pick a feature of the card based on pricing that fits your budget.
    • You can manage & keep track of the customised Credit Card on-the-go using the mobile app. For instance, you can stay updated about AU LIT Credit Card using the AU 0101 App/NetBanking.

    AU LIT Credit Card

    The LIT Credit Card is a suitable option for you if you are looking for an all-round Credit Card. The LIT Credit Card lets you pick features suiting your lifestyle needs & budget. It is loaded with attractive features such as Accelerated Rewards, Fuel Surcharge Waiver, Milestone Cashback, Cashback for Grocery, Dining & Travel, Airport Lounge Access & OTT Memberships and Fitness Memberships.

    Just one card can help you reap multiple lifestyle benefits across all categories. Any individual between 21-60 years old can apply for the card. The best part is you don’t need to pay Annual Card Membership Fee since this is a lifetime free Credit Card.

    Let’s help you get started on building your Customised Credit Card.

    • Visit our official website & scan the barcode to download the AU 0101 App. Post app installation, you can start building your LIT Credit Card.
    • Tap on the Credit Card homepage & click on “Manage Credit Card” to select features of your choice.
    • Check for the price of the features. Choose them as per your spending pattern & budget.
    • Switch on or off features. You can also disable auto-renewal of any feature using the AU 0101 App.
    • Track Rewards & Cashback you avail on the AU LIT Credit Card.

    Overall, a customised Credit Card can be an excellent option as it gives you the convenience of designing the card as per your preferences.

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