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Benefits of Credit Cards

    Nowadays, Credit Cards are widely used for online & offline payments. Using a credit card, you can buy anything today and repay with ease later. You can also manage your personal finances in a better way if you utilize the various features of a credit card such as reward points, offers, cashbacks and more.

    What are Credit Cards?

    A Credit Card is a rectangular, small plastic card that allows you to buy goods or any other services without offering any cash upfront. It is similar to taking a loan from a lender. Credit Card interest rates vary for every user. Whenever you apply for a Credit Card, the Bank decides how much credit limit should be allotted to you. The amount you spend in a particular month gets reflected in your Credit Card statement, which you receive the next month on a specific date. The Credit Card bill is mailed to you every month by the issuer. 

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    Advantages of Credit Cards

    Diverse types of Credit Cards are offered nowadays. Each card has a specific use and various features. Let’s look at some of the common benefits of owning a Credit Card.

    • It is the most popular mode of payment. You can swipe the card at a Point of Sale(POS) machine or use it online. 
    • Make any big-ticket purchase using the card and pay later at one go or through an EMI option. For instance, AU Small Finance Bank offers the Xpress EMI option that gives you the benefit of converting big-ticket purchases into affordable EMIs.
    • Diligent use of a Credit Card helps improve your CIBIL score, which in turn increases your eligibility for loans in the future.
    • Collect attractive reward points with every transaction. You can redeem the reward points against purchases/gift vouchers.
    • Cash withdrawals are allowed at ATMs with added interest. However, this benefit should be utilized only when you are in a financial contingency. 
    • Get insurance coverage along with the Credit Card. For instance, if you choose AU Zenith Credit Card, you have the option to get Air Accident Cover, Purchase Cover, Card Liability Cover, etc., 
    • Some Credit Cards also come with Add-on Cards. An Add-on Card benefit is available on AU Credit Cards too, which means your loved ones can also use the card. 

    Credit Card Limit

    A Credit Card limit is the maximum amount a user can spend on his or her Credit Card. There are several factors that determine the credit limit on a card; these include – credit history, age, income, existing liabilities, repayment capacity, type of card, and others. The limit varies from person to person.


    Credit Card Offers

    Many people use Credit Cards for all kinds of transactions. With every payment, you can enjoy discounts & offers on top brands. For example, with AU Credit Card, you get exciting cashback, brand vouchers & reward points. You get to unlock attractive Credit Card offers across categories like travel, shopping, dining, health, entertainment, education, and others. In addition, you can enjoy no-cost EMI on smartphones, laptops, Silver Spoon Dining program and Device Protection Plan benefits & other gadgets using our exclusive Xpress EMI features.


    Apply for AU Credit Cards

    You can apply for a Credit Card online here. At AU Small Finance Bank, you can select a Credit Card that suits your needs. Enjoy a plethora of lifestyle offers and other benefits. Apply for Zenith, Vetta, Altura Plus or Altura Credit Cards. To know more, click here

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