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Avoid these 3 Common Car Loan mistakes

    At some point in our lives, we have all learnt from our mistakes. But when it comes to financial mistakes, why even commit one?

    Therefore, we have laid down a roadmap of errors you need to avoid while buying the car your dreams.


    Mistake 1: Selecting long term loans:

    We know it's very attractive to pay low EMIs in long term loans. Lekin generally long term car loans mein aap zyada interest pay kar dete hai as compared to short term loans.



    Mistake 2: Focus only on EMI:


    Generally, if EMIs are low for a loan then people tend to take it. But BEWARE! Kyonki zaruri nahi ki EMI kam hai toh aap kam amount pay karenge. You should calculate other charges like processing fees, tenure, documentation, time to disbursal, etc



    Mistake 3: Not doing your own research:


    Hum jante hai ki aap kisi expert se advice lenge car loan lene se pehle. But in addition, we would suggest that you do your homework as well, so that you don’t miss out on any unforeseen details.


    So why make any of these mistakes? Just keep these points in mind because, “Suraksha hi savdhani hai".

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