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Services and products offered by AU Small Finance Bank via Video Banking

    Be it a video call with family and friends or a quick virtual team meeting, online technologies are steadily replacing the traditional methods, especially those that required our physical presence. Even the banking sector is leveraging modern technologies to offer enhanced convenience to consumers.

    For instance, AU Small Finance Bank, the largest Small Finance Bank in India, now offers AU Video Banking facility to make everyday banking easier, secure, and hassle-free.

    But what does Video Banking mean? How does Video Banking work?
    Let’s take a look.


    What is AU Video Banking?

    With AU Video Banking, customers can avail almost all the banking services from the comforts of their homes over a video call with a bank representative. The Video Banking facility is accessible to both existing & non-AU Small Finance Bank customers.

    It eliminates the need for customers to visit a bank branch. AU Video Banking adds a human touch to online banking, enabling customers to enjoy a branch-like experience at home. Moreover, security features like Mobile Number Authentication, AI-based Facial Recognition, & Personalized Security Questions, make the video calling experience completely safe and confidential.

    Moreover, it is absolutely free.


    Services you can avail through AU Video Banking:

    With our AU Video Banking, you can instantly connect with our Video Banker or schedule a video call as per your convenience. Customers can avail 400+ services via AU Video Banking. Some of them are as follows:

    • Account Opening

    Opening a Savings Account has long been a time-consuming process that required at least a few visits to the bank. But not anymore! With AU Small Finance Bank, you can instantly open an account via Video Banking and complete all the formalities online. By opening an Instant Savings Account with us, you can enjoy higher interest rates with Monthly Interest Payouts.

    • Video KYC

    Completing Know Your Customer (KYC) is mandatory for opening a new account and availing other financial services. AU Small Finance Bank offers Video KYC facility that allows customers to complete their KYC without visiting the bank.

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    • Book a Fixed Deposit

    Want to open Fixed Deposit account? We offer highly competitive FD interest rates with the option to book an FD account through our video calling facility.

    • Upgrade Account

    If you'd like to upgrade your AU ABHI Instant Savings Account to AU Savings Account, you can use the AU Video Banking facility to complete the formalities online.

    • Banking Queries

    From checking your account balance to learning more about the products and services offered by AU Small Finance Bank, you can use our AU Video Banking facility to find detailed answers to all your queries.


    How to Avail AU Video Banking?

    Using AU Video Banking facility is as simple as video calling your family and friends.

    You can connect with us over a video call by entering your mobile number & clicking on ‘Connect Now.’ You will be asked to validate your mobile number through an OTP.

    You can also login to AU 0101 App or AU 0101 NetBanking to connect with our Video Banker.

    Here are the pre-requisites to use the facility:

    • You need to be 18 years, or older & you should be a resident of India
    • You need to have a laptop, computer, tablet, or smartphone with speakers and a camera to connect with our Video Banker.
    • Make sure the internet connectivity is good & the room is well-lit

    You can connect with us for all services between 8 am to 8 pm throughout the year.


    AU Small Finance Bank - Badlaav Humse Hai

    Standing true to our tagline, ‘Badlaav Humse Hai,’ we at AU Small Finance Bank have been steadily pushing the boundary of banking in India by introducing innovative and customer-friendly products and services.

    Now that you know what Video Banking is and how it works, explore the future of banking where convenience, security, and service quality combine to offer a revolutionized banking experience.

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