AU Small Finance Bank - A Trusted Companion for your Banking Needs
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AU Small Finance Bank - A Trusted Companion

    AU Bank - A Trusted Companion for your Banking Needs


    - Whether it is a mother-child relationship or a brother-sister relationship, it is trust that defines all the important relationships in our lives.
    Just like these precious relationships, over 24 years, AU Bank has become a “trusted companion” for 20 lakhs+ customers.

    A Trusted Banking Partner

    Finances play an important role in our lives. A reliable banking partner can keep us protected, help us grow, and hold our hand at times when most needed. Be it accumulating your savings, growing them, or even investing time for future, a Bank plays a crucial role in helping us do that.
    For more than 24 years, we have been helping individuals and businesses achieve their objectives. From our modest beginnings as AU Financiers, a vehicle finance company, in 1996, we are now a retail-focused scheduled commercial bank with more than 400 branches all over India.
    Apart from our long-standing dominant reputation in the banking industry, we are also well-known for our extensive range of banking products and services.
    Some of the ways we give “#BharosaApnoJaisa” to our customers are:

    Personal Banking

    Every person at every stage of life need someone to trust. Similarly, individuals of all age groups need someone to trust with their day-to-day financial needs. AU Bank supports its customers like a companion for every financial need in life. Our products - i.e. Savings Account, Fixed Deposit, Current Account, not only take care of your money but ensure higher earnings.

    Retail Loans

    To buy a four-wheeler or real estate property; you would have to approach someone to lend you money at decent repayment terms. At AU Bank, we offer you a wide range of retail loans to help you realize your dreams. Some of the popular loan offerings include – Car Loan, Two-wheeler loan, Commercial vehicle loan, Home Loan, etc.

    Insurance & Investments

    AU Bank insurance products always stand beside you and your family in case of any unfortunate event.

    AU Bank: Your Banking Partner for Life

    No matter if you are a salaried professional, a businessman, a housewife, a senior citizen, or even a youngster, AU Bank has a banking product or service for everyone’s financial betterment.
    It is through our dedication to our customers - 'Bharosa Apno Jaisa’ - that we have earned the trust of 20 lakhs + customers over 24 years.