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Amazing Things Older Adults Can Teach Their Grandchildren

    The best thing about grandparents is the unique life experiences they can impart to their grandkids. In this blog we share those forms of bonding that not only set kids sailing right for life, but also bring a sense of unparalleled purposefulness and joy to all seniors.
    Grandparents are like libraries. They have tons of knowledge, wisdom and foresight, and have the power to shape the lives of their grandchildren with their experience. Moreover, studies reveal that the values and beliefs imparted by grandparents stay with children for a long time. Keeping this in mind, we have listed some of the things older adults can teach their younger ones.
    • Family History
    It is essential for grandkids to understand the power and wisdom in diversity. Hence, teaching them about family history is important especially in a potpourri of cultures like ours. Family history keeps memories alive and allows each generation to have an idea of who they are and where they come from. Moreover, putting together an oral history brings family members together and strengthen the ties between generations. Which brings us to…
    • Traditional Script, Music and Dance Forms
    Indians are increasingly settling down outside their own states and communities. Teaching children about their tradition is a great way to preserve cultural riches and pass on old culture to the new generation, besides giving grandparents hours to time to bond with grandkids. This is an exercise that leaves indelible and beautiful memories in kids for a lifetime. 
    • Discipline
    Discipline is vital for a child, and grandparents are often the best people to teach them. Seniors should educate kids how to share, articulate their needs and demands, how to be polite, etc. This helps younger ones stay grounded in life.
    • Family Bonding
    Family bond and love is very special, and seniors feel this with every passing day. Grandparents can teach this lesson to their grandkids and can explain to them why they need to hold on to family relationships and friends. They are the best teachers since they will teach by example. This will help kids social skills that nurture relationships for a lifetime.
    • Ancient Skills
    Our elders valued time and grew up learning skills like knitting, sewing, gardening, farming, woodworking, etc. These are great skills to pass on to grandkids, as they are not commonly taught anymore, but are still very useful talents to possess for life.
    • Snail Mail
    Grandparents can teach the younger generation the importance of using pen and paper, It's great practice for kids who are learning how to write. Moreover, it will not let the art of letter writing fade away in the new age of typing.
    • Life Without Gadgets
    Most seniors grew up in a time when laptops, smartphones, tablets, and other high-end gadgets didn’t exist. They didn’t need a gadget’s assistance to live a life. As a result, seniors can teach younger kids how to do simple things without the help of a machine. They can teach kids to appreciate simplicity and the little nuances that one can enjoy while being gadget-free.
    Grandparents come with years’ worth of wisdom. They are the ones who bridge the generations and pass important values and beliefs down to their grandchildren. They are not only positive contributors in the lives of grandkids, but also the strong roots upon which the younger generation can set sail. But giving all that attention and affection has a ton of benefits for elders too. Scientifically, it has proven to reduce stress, depression and lower chance of Alzheimer’s, while boosting immunity, energy and cognitive performance, making you happier and more social in general. Added bonus? It is the joy of parenthood without the stress.