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Second Innings for Post Retirement Careers

    Retirement is a beautiful phase of life. And a second innings is a great opportunity to bring another wave of purpose and passion to your life.
    Retirement gives you the opportunity to convert your experience and passion into a payable scheme. It is the time to grow and explore something new.
    If you have the desired skill set for something that you have always enjoyed doing, but couldn’t carry forward it as a full-time career, ensure you put them in use now. It will not only help you make good money but will also boost your happiness and satisfaction from life.If you want to fulfill your dreams and love the idea of staying financially independent and active in your second innings, give these small business ideas a thought.
    • Farming and Agriculture

    Farming not only offers financial benefits but also numerous other intangible benefits. This activity creates opportunities for recreation, exercise and self-education. It boosts mood, increases self-reliance and reduces stress. Moreover, the task generates a feeling of purpose, besides the joy and satisfaction of creating fresh and healthy produce for one’s family.
    • Baking and Cooking

    What's great about baking and cooking is that you can use this hobby to make money in many different ways. You can create homemade sweets and treats and get them dressed up in lovely food packaging, before selling it to the customer. That’s not all! You can even cater to a cafe or a restaurant if you have the skill and time to take things to the next level.
    • Photography

    Photography as a hobby or business offers so many possibilities for creative expression. It makes you so much more observant and aware of the wonderful little things that surround us each day. It not only gives you the opportunities to practice and capture great memories but also lets you enjoy things that you didn’t really love before. Besides art photography, you can also consider stock photography – or sharing your images on stock image sites like Getty, Shutterstock, etc.
    Today, one does not necessarily need a fancy camera to start taking pictures. You can even capture amazing photos with your phone camera. However, you may have to work a little harder with your photography and editing skills to set yourself apart from the rest.
    • Consultancy

    This is the best option for someone who has worked in a specific industry or sector for many years. The consultancy can be – providing suggestions for process improvement, expansion possibilities, revenue generation, improved operational efficiencies, improved sales and marketing campaigns, etc. Many companies out there are willing to pay consultants on a part-time, hourly or even a full-time basis. Make sure you take up one such job that suits your time, interest and needs.
    • Teaching / Tutors

    Many schools, management colleges, private tutoring institutes, NGOs offer part-time or visiting faculty options for various subjects. You may choose to find out such options based on your educational background as well as your experience. This job will not only keep you active and busy, but will also give you the satisfaction of giving something back to society while working with young minds.
    • Blogging / Vlogging

    People choose the online space for information and entertainment. If you can offer life hacks and experience around something they are interested in through a blog or a video, you can make money through a variety of monetization options. Affiliate marketing is one such option. For example, if you are good at investments, you can share your tips and ideas through a  video or blog. You can then start earning a commission by promoting other people's or brand's products with your content.
    That’s not all! You can even write on a freelance basis and get paid as per the client’s requirement.
    • Travel Agency

    If you love traveling or if you have been a traveler all throughout your life, this option is good for you. All you need to do is research and organize a trip for clients as per their needs, as you would for yourself. Despite several app services that allow travelers to plan and book vacations for themselves online, most travelers feel that a travel agent adds value to their trip in the form of time, knowledge and experience. While traveling is stagnant now, it is sure to pick up in the coming year. So, ensure you give a thought then.
    If you are energetic, well organized, and enjoy working – all the above retirement business options are apt for you. These options will not only boost your source of income but will also make your life more meaningful, productive and cheerful.