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A Check-list of Essential Winter Medical Tests

    Winter is almost everyone’s favourite season. Until they grow old. Chilly weather brings with it a host of common ailments. So, it’s a good idea to keep oneself in peak health to enjoy the best the season has to offer.
    It is common knowledge that everyone’s immunity is at higher risk in the winters. So, it’s a good time to pay special attention to your health to not only reduce the risk of complication, but also to enjoy the winter season without any distress. Regular body checkups therefore become essential during this season. In this blog, we cover the tests that will not only make you aware of your overall medical health, but also help you enjoy and make the most of the weather.
    • Blood Pressure

    Seniors aging 50 years and above find themselves exhausted in winters even after small activities. This is because blood pressure is generally higher in the winter season. Low temperatures cause your blood vessels to narrow. As a result, more pressure is needed to flush out blood through the narrowed veins and arteries. By getting a blood pressure check-up done, you get an idea of your health condition. It will help you determine if you need further treatment.
    • Heart Check-Up

    Due to the same reason stated above, chances of a heart attack are high in this weather. If you are already suffering from heart problems, consider going for a checkup in winter. It will control the risk of complications in the future.
    • Sugar Level

    Winter often means gorging on more comfort foods (high in carb or fat content). These foods may soothe your taste buds; however, they do increase your blood sugar levels. In addition, the dipping temperature makes it difficult to stick to an exercise plan. As a result, it is harder for your diabetes medicine or insulin to do its job. Keeping a track of your sugar level is thus a smart move. 
    • Lungs/ Respiratory Track

    The cold weather also causes the upper airways to narrow. Moreover, dryer air tends to disrupt the moisture layer that lines the airways in the lungs. As a result, it gets a little difficult to breathe. This effect can worsen if you are already suffering from respiratory problems like asthma. Make sure you work with your doctor and get a health checkup done in advance, to optimize medications for the winter months. 
    • Eye Checkup

    Dry, itchy eyes are a common problem in the winter due to low humidity. Also, most people turn on the heat in their homes or offices to combat the cold. This warm and dry environment indoors further evaporates moisture from the eye faster than normal. So, this winter, don’t take eye care for granted. It is a good practice to check your eyes once every 1-3 years from the ages of 55 to 64.
    • Flu Check-Up

    Less sunlight and foggy weather increase bacterial growth. This is why flu infections are common in the winter seasons. Moreover, cold weather forces everyone to stay indoors in groups. This close proximity further makes it easier for germs to spread, to which older persons are more vulnerable. In case you notice something going around in your close proximity, the best way to combat it is to get yourself checked at the first sign of trouble. It will help you stay safe before things get out of hand.
    Many viral diseases also occur in the winter season. So, ensure that you take good care of yourself. Follow a healthy diet plan and get a good 7-8 hours of sleep at night. Moreover, wash your hands frequently and maintain safe distance from people who are suffering from viral diseases. According to doctors and health experts, a full body checkup is mandatory during the winter season. It is an important step in preventing bigger health issues.
    Fortunately, a full body checkup is not a big deal anymore - as many reputed health care centers are now offering test packages at a very reasonable price. Choose one suitable package as per your budget and needs.
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