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7 Fun Ways to Enjoy the Festive Season at Home

    The pandemic might have you missing festive gatherings. But guess what? With simple ideas, you can add some magic to your celebrations, within the safety of your home.
    Not only do festivals fill our lives with positive vibes and fresh energy, but they are also among the best times for celebrations and get-togethers. Yet, this year is a bit different. Amidst the new normal, keeping safety protocols in mind, all of us are forced to celebrate the festivals indoors. This means, we will have to come up with different ways to make this year’s celebration special. However, we can still enjoy the festival at home, with some innovative ideas as below.

    1. Time to Clean & Decorate Your Home

    • Clean out and decorate your house with diyas, candles, earthen lamps, rangolis and lanterns, so as to invite freshness and prosperity into your lives. You can also use green plants, natural flowers, colourful dupattas, chunnis or scarves to enhance or embellish the decor.  Simple and beautiful, these objects will add colour and enhance the beauty of your home without burning a hole in the pocket.

    2. Dress Up

    • Brighten up your festive mood by dressing up in the best outfits you have. Women can call for the special sarees, salwar suits, lehengas, ghagra choli, kurtis etc. Whereas men can opt for different types of kurta pyjamas, sherwanis, dhotis, or simple shirt & trousers.
    • However, if you wish to be innovative, choose fusion style outfits – combining traditional and western wear.

    3. Make Your Laddus & Eat Them Too

    • Festivals are incomplete without sweets. So, ensure you prepare yours at home. Ditch those fancy high-calorie snacks and sweets and replace them with substitutes like ghee, jaggery, honey, etc. It will not only maintain the taste and authenticity of Indian sweets but will also help you stay fit and healthy throughout the festive season.  

    4. Invite Guests on Video Calls

    • Invite your remote friends and family members to participate in a small get-together via video calls. The video quality on many video chatting platforms is now impeccable and you can see each participant's face in a simple grid view. Want to make things special? Organise a theme party!

    5. Play Online Games

    • Host games online, to get everyone in the festive spirit. Pick simple games so that everyone can participate. From antakshari and housie to word games and quizzes, there are ample games that you can choose from.

    6. Enjoy Virtual Meals Together

    • You may not be able to enjoy festive meals and drinks together, however there are so many ways to deliver savoury dishes straight to someone's door. Try one such service that offers timely delivery. It’s a great way to encourage a feeling of celebration before your virtual gathering. This way you and your loved ones can enjoy the special delicacies together while staying connected online.

    7. Click Pictures

    • Click pictures and create personalized videos that you can post online. It will not only make the festive celebration fun and entertaining but will also create memories that you can keep for many years to come.
    The pandemic has brought a paradigm shift in our lives.  However, there's no reason to skip celebrating the festivities altogether. With the above tips, you can celebrate festivals to the fullest, in the comfort of your home. Simple, yet traditional, these celebrations will help you create meaningful moments for a lifetime.