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Financial Resolutions for 2022

    Everyone needs to save for the unexpected. And after the Covid experience that we all faced during the past two years, having a smart financial plan becomes all the more important.

    A good financial plan will not only help you withstand a sudden financial storm without going deep into debts but will also ensure long-term financial confidence.

    • Use Your Monthly Income Wisely

    For 2022, the top resolution should be to save more money and spend less. Start this practice by using your monthly salary wisely.

    Here are simple tips that you can start practising today:

    • Figure out how much you need.  Construct a detailed list of your monthly rent, utility bills, insurance, groceries, car maintenance, etc. Track your spending and income to get an accurate picture of your financial situation.
    • Plan your vacation trips. It can save you a lot of money in the long run. 
    • Make it a point to pay down your loans. It will not only reduce your monthly financial obligations but will also help you lay the bricks to a sound financial future.
    • Set Up an Emergency Fund

    Take out a small amount from your income and invest it in an Emergency Fund. It will help you stay afloat at the time of crises, without having to resort to additional debt. This smart financial cushion also assures good peace of mind.

    • Start a Side Hustle

    Identify three to four personal and professional skills that you could turn into a side hustle that will help you get in some extra income. Even if it is just a second part-time job, freelance work you do on the weekend, or money from making YouTube videos - the extra income that you earn from this side hustle can help you pay your debt faster, save or invest more, or even become a full-time businessman.

    • Get Rid of Toxic Credit Card Debt

    Toxic credit card debt can get in the way of wealth creation. Credit card interest rates tend to be higher than the rate of return you’d get from most investments. That’s why it is critical to get rid of the debt as soon as possible.

    • Try a Personal Finance App

    With a personal finance app, you can manage your expenses with ease. Loaded with multiple features, these apps not only help you reach your larger financial goals but also help you build good budgeting habits and discipline!

    With just a few taps and clicks, they help you make smart financial decisions – on the basis of your ongoing financial actions and behavior – be it anywhere, anytime.

    • Read a Personal Finance Book to Gain Some Knowledge

    Financial experts have written countless books on these subjects, and you can get them at a low cost. Whether you are an experienced investor or have just set off with your first financial plan – it is always good to explore the tips and insights from those experts who have excelled in their life. It not only helps you have a good understanding of the savings but also makes your investment/savings approach more robust and strong.

    • Create a Goal to Give Someone in Need

    If you are already in a good place financially, consider setting some cash aside to give back to your community. Donating some money to those less fortunate is a good way to teach children the value of money.  

    All of the above tips and simple and easy to follow. These resolution ideas will keep you upbeat and on track financially. You can also contact your financial advisor for more specific guidance about progressing toward your goals in 2022.

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