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6 Wellness Tips to Try While Working

    Work from home is the new normal. However, it presents a new set of challenges for mental and physical wellness. With the tips shared below, we hope you take proper care of yourself in order to stay healthy and comfortable while doing your job.
    This lockdown, most of us are working from home. This means we’re sitting before our laptops for more than 8-10 hours every day. Doing so takes a toll on our health. So, here are simple wellness tips that help when you work from home.
    • 1. Create a Soothing Work Environment

    Create a workspace that’s comfortable, peaceful and soothing. If you love scented candles, flowers, crystals, place them around your desk. If a beautiful view helps you stay calm, set up your work desk in front of a window, balcony or garden. It will evoke positive feelings and motivate you to function better. Moreover,  it will reduce stress and boost your mental health.
    • 2. Good Posture and Appropriate Screen Level

    Good posture is something that everyone should consider throughout the day. Most people get drawn into the screen while working on the laptop, which means they crane their neck forward. This imbalance puts a strain on the back and spine. To prevent this;
    • Ensure you elevate the laptop screen a few inches above your desk. Place it on a stable stand or on a stack of thick books. The screen should be in level with your eyes.
    • Likewise, opt for a chair that offers good support for the back, lumbar and arms. Ensure the chair allows you to sit up straight with your feet flat on the floor.
    Appropriate screen level and a comfy chair will help you work in a comfortable position, without putting a strain on your neck and back.
    • 3. Eye Care

    According to studies, longer screen time leads to eye strain and dry eyes. So, make sure you give your eyes a break. Remember to blink and take a break every 20 minutes by looking at an object 20 feet away for 20 seconds. This 20-20-20 rule allows your eyes to relax.
    Additionally, use anti-glare filter devices for your screen and wear reading glasses while working. Wash your eyes regularly and keep eye drops handy to lubricate your eyes when they feel dry. 
    • 4. Take Breaks and Move Around

    Set time aside to move your body. Get up, take a walk and get some fresh air. You can also stretch your hands, wrist, shoulders and legs every now and then. It will not only increase the blood circulation in your body, but will also prevent cramps and body aches.
    Moreover, it will uplift your mood and help you process better. You will get back to work feeling more energetic and active.
    • 5. Have Lunch Break On Time

    Set an appropriate meal schedule. Choose healthy, nutritious foods and stay away from junk food. Be sure to step away from your laptop and enjoy your food away from your desk. Practice mindful eating — rather than gulping down a roti while attempting five other tasks. Being aware of what you are eating will certainly aid digestion. Moreover, it will let you enjoy your food with peace of mind.
    • 6. Stay Hydrated 

    Ensure you drink lots of water throughout your day. Keep a water bottle close to you, just as you would in the office. Set alarms to remind yourself to take a few sips. You can also add some lemon and mint to your filtered water. It will not only make the water taste better but will also naturally increase your fluid intake. 
    Work from home can present a unique set of challenges, especially when it comes to health. Following the above tips can give you a much-needed sense of control over your body. It will not only improve your physical and mental health, but will also improve your focus and help you keep going throughout the day.