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Ways to Cut Back on Smartphone Usage

    Despite making our lives easier, smartphones have severely harmed our mental health, productivity, and relationships. Studies have shown that people are wasting hours mindlessly scrolling through social media sites and other unproductive applications. People are so attached and dependent on smartphones, that it gets harder for them to set the device aside for even 10 mins in a day.

    Smartphones are a great tool if used responsibly, hence you should use them wisely instead of mindless use, though.  If you are one of those who intend to lessen the screen time, but don't know where to start, here are a few simple tips to follow.

    • Delete Unwanted Apps

    A good way to reduce your smartphone usage is to re-arrange your apps. Keep the important ones and delete the rest. Most of the time, you unlock your phone to quickly check messages and missed calls, however somehow you end up on various social media apps again, for no reason. If this habit sounds familiar, you should certainly give this tip a try.

    • Configure Notification Channels

    Throughout the day, a continuous string of notifications keeps you glued to your screen. Hence, make it a point to turn off the notifications for certain apps that don’t require constant monitoring or checking.  For example, you can turn off the notifications for unnecessary WhatsApp groups and still receive pings for important one-on-one conversations.

    Apart from notification configuration, you can also modify the alert type, sound, and more. Try the best setting –  do it in a way that it balances your day-to-day activity.

    • Make Calls Instead of Sending Text Messages

    If possible, make calls instead of spending hours texting back and forth. While it’s true that very few people make calls these days, however doing so can surprise your family member or friend on the other end of the line! This practice will not only eliminate your screen time but will also strengthen your bond with your loved ones.

    • Set a Realistic ‘No-Tech’ Timeline

    Set a “no tech” time where you can put away your smartphone completely. You can decide the day and time depending on your need and convenience. Whether it’s for 3-4 hours or an entire day – a “no tech” time is a great way to get some “Me-time”.

    • Engage Yourself in Other Creative Activities and Hobbies

    Develop good habits like writing, reading, gardening, knitting, etc. to keep yourself engaged. With this practice, you are less likely to spend time on wasteful activities. It will give you something to do when you find yourself low, lazy, or dejected. Furthermore, it will boost the quality of your life, and help you re-discover your own self.

    • Keep Your Phone Away While Sleeping

    Keeping the phone beside you while sleeping increases the urge to check it again and again, so it may be best to just keep it away from your bed. And as health experts claim, going to bed and falling asleep should be a peaceful, happy, and a relaxing experience, hence try not to use your phone 1 to 2 hours before bedtime. It’s also recommended that you charge your phone outside your bedroom overnight, to avoid disturbance and annoyance while sleeping.


    All the above tips are simple and easy to follow. Give it a try. It is good for your physical and mental well-being!