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6 Virtual Office Celebration Ideas for the Festive Season

    Practicing social distancing in the pandemic may have you missing the small, yet meaningful moments with your team. But you can still organize virtual office parties to make the festivities merrier.
    Just because we are self-isolating or working from home, it doesn’t mean that we can’t celebrate the festivals with our team members. With a digital twist, you can create magic and memories to cherish for a lifetime. Indeed, there are many ways to celebrate important events / occasions in the comfort of your home.
    Even if your teams are entirely remote, making everyone feel included and appreciated is easy. With the virtual office celebration ideas listed below, the possibilities are endless.
    • 1. Create E-Cards that You Can Email
    Create electronic greeting cards that can be easily sent via email. E-cards have a range of free templates and tons of amazing design options. With a combination of different colours, images, text, sizes and themes, you can create a beautiful e-card for all your team members – as per the event.
    • 2. Decide a Dress Code or a Con-call Theme
    You can decide a dress code for the entire team to get in the celebration spirit. However, ensure you keep it simple so that people don’t have to make a special effort to get the exact attire. Some dress code suggestions include 70’s theme, head gear day, regional wear, colors, etc. You can boost the party mood up a notch by announcing prizes for the best-dressed people.
    • 3. Arrange Simple Games to Play Online
    Arrange simple, fun games that your team members can play from the comfort of their homes. From traditional fun games like antakshari and housie to word games and ice-breaker quizzes that require little to no equipment, there are many games to choose from.
    • 4. Decorate Your Home and Virtually Welcome Your Colleagues
    You can decorate your home and virtually invite your team members to your dwelling. A virtual tour can include a walk through your living room, workstation, balcony, garden, etc. This activity allows team members to get to know one another on a more personal level. It’s a great team-building exercise to make employees feel connected.
    • 5. Share Your Bucket List
    It is a great idea to share your bucket list with your team members. It gives you an opportunity to learn a lot about each other’s personalities and life goals. Also, you never know which one of your colleagues could help you accomplish a few things from your own list!
    • 6. Arrange Online / Digital Gifts
    You can surprise your team members on different occasions by sending them quirky and fun gifts, even games. You will be amazed at the number of gifts available for online delivery at various portals.
    However, just ensure to place the order in advance, so that the gifts get delivered on time – on or before the event, so you can even have an unveiling.
    We love in-person events and we can’t wait until we can gather in person again.  However, in the meantime, it’s best to organize virtual office parties in order to make the festive season exciting and merry. Virtual celebrations can be equally fun as celebrating in person. By following the above tips, you can revive traditions, but with a modern twist. It will not only give employees a chance to mingle with each other, but also strengthen team bonding.