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Tips to Kick Start Your Morning in a Healthier Way

    A proper morning routine sets the right tone for the rest of the day. And we all agree that how we begin our day has a tremendous impact on how the rest of the day seems to go.  But, well! Is there a right way to kick start your day? Let's dive deep into this article to see how you can begin your day with confidence, peace, and a positive attitude.

    • Exercise

    Exercise goes a long way for a lot of aspects of life, from health improvement and stress reduction to even increased confidence. When you exercise, your body releases feel-good hormones – to make you feel happy and energized. Even a 20-minute yoga daily makes a huge difference. Join an online Zumba class, learn some yoga or just indulge in some stretches. It all counts.

    • Avoid Reaching for Smartphones Immediately

    It may seem tempting to reach for that smartphone the minute you roll out of bed. However, you should remind yourself that the device isn’t the best solution to getting going immediately. Instead, listen to some cheerful music, take a few minutes to gaze at the sky with birds flying across, sip a cup of coffee while sitting beside your loved ones, or say a small prayer, etc. All of this, will create happy hormones and prepare you for the day ahead.

    • Eat a Healthy Breakfast

    No matter how old you are, ensure you pay attention to your eating habits. While it’s tempting to skip breakfast, eating a healthy breakfast is important if you want to stay energized throughout the day. So, make it a priority to not skip this vital meal.

    • Say Affirmations

    Saying affirmations is one of the best ways to begin your day with a burst of positive energy. They work even better when accompanied by meditation. This practice will reduce anxiety, boost confidence and open your heart, mind, and soul.

    Some examples are:

    • I am lucky to have a happy and a loving family
    • I am in good health
    • I am enjoying my life with my new friends
    • I am in charge of my happiness
    • I am at peace etc
    • Indulge in Self Care

    Shower, floss, comb your hair, apply body lotions/oil, trim your nails, wear clean and comfortable clothes, etc;– it will surely make you feel good about yourself. Personal grooming habits will not only maintain the overall hygiene of your body but will also boost your inner self-esteem and confidence.

    • Keep Your Home and Surroundings Clean

    Your home should be an oasis from your everyday hustle and grind. Every time you walk through the door, you should be greeted with positive energy. And to get that feeling daily, you need to ensure your home and surrounding are clean and tidy.

    Hence, make it a routine to do a 15-minute clean-up every morning. Set a reminder and just stick with the top cleaning priorities. Start with the things that really create a lot of clutter or any “must-dos” that need to be completed before you begin your day. Focus on keeping the high traffic areas clean daily, as it will really save your energy and time for the rest of the day. 


    Remember, you don’t need to keep everything spotless and perfect all the time, however, a little bit of cleaning in the morning will help certainly generate some positive vibes around you.

    All these are amazing tips! Get your day started off by inculcating the above habits in your morning routine. While it may not be possible to mimic each and every habit, you can at least try a few of them. In just a few days, you’ll see the benefits and you’ll be encouraged to keep going. Easy and simple to follow, these habits will transform your life for the better.

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