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6 Tips for an Amazing Holiday with Your Pet

    Traveling with a pet involves more than just packing your bags and leaving – especially if you are planning a long-distance trip. Fortunately, that’s where this blog comes handy.
    We know it may be highly stressful, both for you and your pet to travel to non-pet-friendly locations if there is limited planning and preparation. Read on for tips to help you have a safe and smooth journey with your furry companion.

    1. Look for the Right Transportation

    Choose the safest and most comfortable ride for your pet. Weigh all the risks when deciding whether to transport your friend by road, air or by rail. Remember your pet also needs to stretch and eliminate at regular intervals. So, ensure your mode of transportation allows you to stop in between frequently.
    By car, you have the flexibility to drive the way you want. If you are traveling by rail or air, make sure to do all the necessary inquires, to ensure your pet can travel safely. This is where pet transportation services come in.

    Traveling Within India:

    Petscort is India's first of its kind company to provide dedicated pet transportation all over India.

    Traveling within India & Abroad:

    A variety of services specialize in the hassle-free transfer of pets domestically and internationally. Some of them are:

    2. Look for Pet-Friendly Stays

    Hunt for a reasonably priced pet-friendly accommodation. Today, many hotels, villas and homestays offer pet-friendly accommodations. Such places also offer specially curated restrooms and food menus for pets. Some of these are:
    • Taj President, Mumbai – IHCL SeleQtions - Cuffe Parade, Mumbai
    • Offers a specially curated menu for pets
    • On many occasions, the hotel hosts a Canine High Tea, where guests can mingle, play games and socialize with their pets.
    • Cost: An additional Rs 3,000 for a pet
    • Four Season’s Hotel, Mumbai - Worli, Mumbai
    • Provides pet food on request
    • Cost: An additional Rs 1,500 for a pet
    • Della Adventure and Resorts, Lonavala
    • While you are off exploring Della’s rides, an adventure marshal will look after your pet
    • You can also enjoy barbecues and bonfires with your pet by your side
    • There are no additional charges for pets
    • The Westin, Pune
    • Provides your pet with a comfy bed and special pet food
    • The hotel is close to gardens and also pet-friendly cafes in Viman Nagar
    • Cost: an additional Rs 2,000 + taxes for a pet
    • Casa Cottage, Bengaluru
    • It has cottages and gorgeous gardens for your pets to play in
    • There are no additional charges for pets
    • Casa De Xanti, Goa
    • With plenty of space in the garden, there’s ample room for your dog to run around or laze in the grass.
    • There are no additional charges for pets. 
    • Elgin Hotels and Resorts, Darjeeling
    • Offers ample room for your furry friend to run around
    • There are no additional charges for pets. 
    • Andaz, Delhi
    • Provides you with leashes, pet beds, pet food, pet bowls and pet shampoo
    • Cost: an additional Rs2,500 + taxes for a pet
    • The Den Corbett – Resort and Spa, Uttarakhand
    • Offer a pet-friendly food menu
    • There are no additional charges for pets. 
    • Himachal Heritage Village, Palampur
    • Offers plenty of room for your pet to gaze around
    • Offers price on request.
    • Deep Woods Resort, Munnar
    • Ensures that you and your pet get the best of the hill station
    • You can enjoy a private barbeque or unwind by a campfire with your pet by your side
    • There are no additional charges for pets. 
    • Taj Fisherman’s Cove Resort and Spa, Chennai
    • Offers enough open space to keep your pet happy and entertained
    • No additional charges for pets.
    With so many options on your list, you can now choose one that fits your budget and requirement perfectly.

    3. Pack a Pet-Friendly Travel Kit

    Ensure you pack a pet-friendly travel kit. This includes travel papers, food, bowl, spoon, a waste bin, plastic bags, grooming supplies, toy, pillow and a pet first-aid kit. Also carry bottled water or water from home in plastic bottles, in case your pet isn’t used to drinking outside water. 

    4. Research for a Local Vet

    Ensure your holiday or travel destination has a vet around. This is going to be of particular benefit if your pet needs regular check-ups or treatment. Remember, a new environment may be stressful for your pet. So, make sure you pay close attention to this particular aspect.

    5. Create an Identification Tag

    Make sure your pet wears a tag imprinted with your home address, cell phone, or/and any other relevant contact information.

    6. Prepare Your Pets for a Long-distance Trip

    Get your pet geared up for a long-distance trip by taking them on a series of short drives initially. You can later gradually lengthen the travel time – so that your pet is accustomed to vacations. During this time, try understanding your pet’s body language. It will help you understand his/her needs when you actually go on the longer trips.
    Pets are part of the family. You begin to love their hugs and presence so much that you want them to accompany you even when you decide to go on vacation. And when they can’t, you always worry about leaving them home alone. But now, with these tips, we hope you can travel with your favorite buddy happily, without any hassles.