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Things to Consider Before Buying Health Insurance

    We all know that ‘Health is Wealth’. While the best doctors help in restoring your physical well-being, a good health insurance policy can take care of your medical expenses, without burning a hole in your pocket.

    Buying a health insurance plan can be confusing since there are so many options in the market. Worry not! Here is a quick guide to streamline your search process:

    • Check Coverage of the Health Insurance Plan

    First and foremost, get clarity about the inclusions and exclusions, both, before purchasing the health insurance plan. Being unaware of the coverages can lead to an increase in out-of-pocket expenses. Moreover, it can lead to claim rejection.

    • Check the Hospital Network

    Check if the insurer has a wide network of hospitals where you can avail cashless treatment. It saves you from the tedious paperwork that is required at the time of admission and claim. Moreover, the insurer pays the sum insured directly to the hospital. 

    • Check The Age Criteria

    There is an age limit to getting a health insurance policy. Multiple providers don’t allow senior citizens to enrol for a health insurance policy after a certain age. Hence ensure you check out the age limit criterion when buying a health insurance cover. 

    • Verify the Claim Process

    Check the claim process thoroughly before you sign the document. Ensure the company offers efficient customer service at the time of need. The simpler the claims process, the faster will be the settlement procedure.

    • Check the Premium Amount

    Select the premium amount wisely.  The higher and more comprehensive the coverage, the greater the premium amount. However, one should also take a look at his or her income levels to analyse if the premium is affordable.  This aspect will maintain your financial well-being.

    • Compare Quotes Online

    Compare different policies online, and understand their features, pricing, and suitability. It is a quick, hassle-free, and a convenient way to find a policy that meets your requirements. 


    Finally, remember that every health insurance policy is different. And while it may not generate returns, it will certainly save you from major unwanted healthcare expenditures. So give it a thought and buy one for yourself and your family, as soon as possible.

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