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6 Scientific Reasons Why Every Professional Should Listen to Music Daily

    Organisations around the world, especially those powered by lateral thinking, vouch for the benefits of music at work. Let’s explore how music augurs productivity.
    In World War Two, the UK government started the ‘Music While You Work’ programme. As part of this, upbeat music was broadcasted in ammunition factories in the country twice a day to buck up workers and give military the extra arms they needed to win the war. Under the programme, one factory recorded increased output of as much as 12.5-15%. Fast forward to this day, and it is believed that upto half the British workforce listens to music while working. BBC reports that two of five employees believe music helps them get more done.
    Closer to home, in India, music is a known staple in creative agencies. This is probably thanks to the ‘Mozart Effect’ in action, the idea that a brilliant piece of music composition makes the listener keen and creative. Music relaxes the mind, eliminates distractions, reduces boredom and fatigue. Importantly, it reinforces positive thoughts and provides a sense of pleasant company in a working space. A quick Google search throws up various scientific studies that supports how listening to music regularly can encourage us to be more productive in the workplace. So, here’s how listening to music daily can make us better workers.
    • 1. Increased productivity and multi-tasking
    According to research, the sound of music modifies the wave patterns in the brain. It propels you into a productive mode and motivates you to handle more tasks. Moreover,  it also encourages you to focus on otherwise boring tasks.
    • 2. Reduced stress for a calm thought-process
    Music is an effective relaxation and stress management tool. It relaxes your mind, lessens anxiety, controls blood pressure and heart rate.  Besides, it releases feel-good hormones and makes you feel optimistic about life.
    • 3. Improved memory and recall
    Music induces a state of meditation and allows the brains to become more stable and organized. It rejuvenates your mind and pumps you to work in a clear and calculated manner. According to studies our brains operate by rhythms. By listening to music daily – one can remain more focused and attentive in life.
    • 4. Pain management
    When you are in pain and need to focus on work, you need to create a peaceful environment. You can easily achieve this setting by listening to music that you already know and like. It is an incredibly effective way of redirecting your attention away from the pain. As per health experts, this positive effect is due to the release of ‘opioids’ in the brain. This component relaxes the muscles and makes the pain less intense and less unpleasant.
    • 5. Enhanced creativity
    In today’s mechanical world, creative thinking is needed more than ever. However, studies have proven that listening to music while working can enhance creative thinking and problem-solving skills. Music stimulates the brain for original ideas and helps you visualize innovative solutions to various problems.
    • 6. A sense of comfort
    Music brightens your heart and mind. It helps you get through various crises and makes you a carefree and confident person. Moreover, it unifies the mind, body, and soul and provides unique strength and comfort to live a peaceful and fruitful life.
    Today, technology has made it easier to listen to your own music. With quick access to mp3 players, smartphones, and other music devices, you can choose what to listen to as per your needs. Now that you know the different benefits of listening to music, treat your ears with some good melodies! It is a great way to relax your mind and body.