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6 Reasons Seniors Should Consider Getting a Pet

    Pets can be wonderful, loving companions for elders. They not only keep elders engaged and active, but also enhance overall emotional well-being.
    Pets are great companions for a variety of reasons. They offer affection, unconditional love, security and a great sense of self-worth. Pets not only become your best friend and sole confidant – but they also improve your overall sense of well-being with their healing power – especially for isolated elders who are most in need of company. Pets help their humans in many ways, some of them being that they:
    1. Keep You Active
    Pets won’t let you sit idle. Having a pet means involving yourself in various activities like walking, cleaning, feeding, playing games, etc. These activities not only help you fill those empty hours, but also keep you more active than usual.
    2. Eliminate Loneliness
    One of the saddest parts about growing older is feeling lonely. However, owning a pet means you will always have a companion by your side. Pets give you a sense of purpose to live. They offer unconditional love and support and make you feel wanted and needed. Pet dogs likely make great travel companions too.
    3. Reduce Stress and Anxiety
    Since pets are playful and energetic creatures – they make you feel lively and more energetic every day. Those tail wagging and jumping actions, when you wake up – make you happy and cheerful. They reduce stress and anxiety, help alleviate depression and offer calmness of mind and body.
    4. Improve Wellness
    Pet ownership helps you practice a  heart-healthy lifestyle. Studies have shown that seniors who own pets are healthier than others. Such seniors show better cardiovascular health, balanced blood pressure levels and a significant reduction in body pain.
    5. Improve Social Life
    Pets improve your social life. From regular park and beach walks, visiting vets to attending pet-friendly events – pets give you ample opportunities to meet new friends. They not only give you an excuse to leave the house, but also keep you motivated to move forward with your daily life.
    6. Offer Security
    Animals like dogs provide significant security. They safeguard your home from potential thieves and help you stay alert throughout the day. Pets like cats and birds also make sufficient noise to alarm the owner when in danger.
    Pets tend to create a strong bond with their humans. So, whether you are homebound due to physical challenges or staying alone or without family – pets are the best cure for loneliness and fuller living.