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6 Novels with Older Characters You’re Sure to Love

    The post-retirement years are a great opportunity to utilize newfound time. One way to enjoy this time is to catch up on your reading. We present 6 light, humorous and poignant novels with older characters.
    Reading should be one of everyone’s favourite pastimes, and for good reason. It reduces stress, provides mental stimulation, improves memory and uplifts mood. In this blog, we have listed 6 novels with older characters. From mystery, poetry, to humour – these are sure to keep you entertained and engaged through the day!
    1. The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry – Rachel Joyce

    “The world was made up of people putting one foot in front of the other,” Ms. Joyce explains in this novel through Harold’s journey.
    One ‘The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry’ introduces Rachel Joyce as a wise and utterly irresistible storyteller.  This book is about more than just lost love. It is about all the amazing things Harold discovers as he steps out of the door and begins walking to save the life of a dying woman. Through his journey, Harold learns about his past and the regrets and joys he’s accumulated along the way.
    This is a novel of unsentimental charm, humour, and reflective insight into the thoughts and feelings we all secretly lay deep within our hearts.
    1. The Little Old Lady Who Broke All the Rules – Catharina Ingelman-Sundberg

    This is the story of an older woman named Martha Andersson who dreams of escaping her care home and robbing a bank. She is determined to fund her way to a much more exciting lifestyle and has no intention of spending the rest of her day in an armchair.
    Later, with the company of her four oldest friends – otherwise known as the League of Pensioners – Andersson decides to rebel against all of the rules imposed upon them. Fed up with early bedtimes and overdone meals, this group of aggressive elders set about to regain their independence, improve their lives, and stand up for seniors everywhere.
    Incredibly quirky, humorous and enjoyable this story is about growing old gracefully – and breaking all the rules along the way. In short, ‘The Little Old Lady Who Broke All the Rules’ is a pleasant and heart-warming novel that goes to prove that it’s not the years in your life that count; it’s the life in your years. 
    1. Still Life with Bread Crumbs – Anna Quindlen

    This book begins with an unreal gunshot and closes with a new tin roof. Between the two is an ironic and expressive picture of Rebecca Winter, a photographer whose work made her an unlikely idol for most women. With a descending career and shaky bank balance, she suddenly moves away from the city to the middle of nowhere. In her new place, she discovers that life is different than what she saw through a camera lens all these years.
    Interesting and engaging, ‘Still Life with Bread Crumbs’ has beautifully laid bare a woman’s journey. It speaks about her heart, her mind, her days – as she discovers that life is a story with many layers.
    1. Gilead – Marilynne Robinson

    In this book, Marilynne Robinson discusses the lyrical, luminous, unforgettable story of a dying congregationalist minister John Ames. The story is written as a letter from John Ames to his young son. As John discovers the bond and relationship between a father and son – he shares family memories and resolves an old personal grievance with his best friend’s son. 
    With a slow, considerate pace and warm tone, John moves back and forth between his memories and the present. By the end of the book, this heartfelt, joyous letter makes even the faithless reader feel the depth of emotions. A delightful read – this book lets you explore human goodness.
    1. The Lido – Libby Page

    This book portrays the friendship between Kate – a young journalist who is living and working in Brixton, and Rosemary – an elderly local woman who is fighting to save the Lido from closure. The story showcases the loneliness of the two characters and how their mutual interest in the Lido enlightens their lives. In addition, there's a wonderful cast of supporting characters, a developing romance and a narrative that is compelling.
    A tender, joyous and easy read – this novel is an irresistible tale of love, loss, ageing and friendship. It highlights the importance of friendship and tells you how ordinary people can protect the things they love.
    1. The 100-Year-Old Man Who Climbed Out the Window and Disappeared – Jonas Jonasson

    This novel portrays the story of a 100-year-old man – Allan Karlsson. After living a long and colourful life, Allan finds himself stuck in a nursing home. However, on his 100th birthday, he leaps out of a window to begin an unexpected journey.  
    For anyone else, this would be the adventure of a lifetime, but for Allan, it was something larger than life.  Throughout his journey, he not only witnessed some of the most thrilling incidents but also played a key role behind the scenes in some of the momentous events. Adventurous, hilarious, quirky and utterly unique – this book tells you that it's not too late to start all over again.
    We hope you will love this list of novels, curated especially for you. Happy Reading!