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6 Best Tips for Presenting Your Business Idea to Investors

    Presenting a business idea can be a daunting experience, however, with the right approach and attitude you can successfully create a good impact on your investors.

    In this section, we have listed down a few tips on how to present business ideas. No matter what kind of enterprise you want to set up, these valuable tips will help you deliver your business ideas in a proper way.


    1. Before Setting an Appointment, Analyze Why Do You Want to Be an Entrepreneur?

    First and foremost, understand and analyze why do you want to be an entrepreneur. Before you embark on this exciting journey, ensure you address the below questions.

    • Is there a market gap or customer need that you see not getting fulfilled by an existing set of companies?
    • Do you have the know-how or understanding of how to do it better, cheaper, and in a more efficient way than others?
    • Why are you the best person to provide that service or product?
    • Do you have the drive to figure it out and learn on the job and not lose heart midway?

    Once you have an answer to the above questions, you will be in a better position to communicate with your investor. More than anything, this exercise will demonstrate you are capable of running a successful business.


    2. Highlight the Capabilities, Strengths, and the Product or Service

    Investors are experienced and well-informed professionals. They’ve seen many projects fail and succeed. Hence, before putting the money in the market, they want to get a full-fledged idea of the company’s capabilities, its strengths, and the product or service it is offering.  

    So, no matter how big or small your idea be, show that your business is scalable. Explain how you can beat the competitors, reach more customers, and increase profit margins.


    3. Prepare a Compelling Presentation. Keep it Simple and Get to the Point

    Time is the most precious asset. So don’t waste your investor’s time by fumbling with the project details or making long introductions.

    Start your presentation by getting to the point. Stick to the objective and move through your presentation slide by slide. Avoid a wall of written text that just distracts from your message. Instead include some powerful visuals to deliver your idea.

    You do not want your potential investor to get bored or lose interest as you conduct your presentation. If they find the presenting aimless or purposeless, you’ll have difficulty keeping their attention.


    4. Tell an Engaging Story

    It’s true that storytelling sells.  It’s simply the best possible way to transfer information into someone else's mind and make it stick. Businesses who effectively use storytelling in their marketing strategy consistently outperform than those who don’t.

    So, if you’re given 10 minutes to present your idea, use 3 mins to tell a story and sprinkle in a few facts.  The story needs to show the negative and the positive outcomes.


    5. Outline Your Financial Strategy

    Clearly spell out how much money has already been invested in your company, by whom, and how much more you need to go to the next level. Get down to the basic structure and deliver a legitimate figure for them to grasp.

    Tell them how you plan to return their investment. How much will you pay investors back? Will it be an IPO (initial public offering), or will they get their investment back with interest or profit?


    6. Show Confidence and Sincerity

    Investors look out for entrepreneurs who are highly motivated and passionate about what they do. So, if you are approaching any investor for the first time make sure you pitch your idea with confidence. Show them how sincerely you have planned every step of your business. Dress appropriately, keep all your essentials ready, and maintain an eye contact while communicating.  

    First impressions are hard-wired in the human brain. If you are perceived as untrustworthy, you'll lose the opportunity to make a sale or win a project of your dreams.

    While, you might have a very brief window to convince your audience, setting the right note or approach will certainly help you create the right impression. 

    Lastly, remember - you will not know how good your pitch is until you actually do it. Therefore, don’t take too much stress. Whether you manage to win the investor’s heart and mind or not, ensure you treat this exercise as a learning experience. You’ll only continue to get better and better as you proceed with your business plan ahead in life.

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