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5 Things You Must Know for Secure Internet Banking

    Fast, convenient, efficient, digital and electronic – these words aptly describe Internet Banking. Internet Banking can be defined as a system which allows the user to do a range of banking and financial transactions through the internet. It is also known as Online Banking or Net Banking.

    Traditional services like money transfer and bill payments can be quickly done through Internet Banking.

    Here is a Brief Understanding of Internet Banking:

    • You require an internet connection, a computer and/or a smartphone and a bank card to register for Internet Banking
    • Create a password and register on the bank’s online banking service
    • Now-a-days for security reasons customers have to mandatorily register for 2 factor authentication also.
    • Once this is done, you can do most banking transactions on your computer or smartphone, without having to visit the bank
    • Internet Banking services vary from bank to bank. Almost all banks offer basic services like transfer and bill payment facility
    • Banks today charge a nominal fee for providing the facility of Internet Banking.
    • Internet Banking transactions can be done at your convenience, at any time during the day or night and on any day of the week
    • Fund transfer process is especially convenient and almost instantaneous
    • You can closely monitor and check your bank balance and account statement at any point of time and even take printouts of the same
    • You can apply online for cheque book, demand draft, average balances to be maintained, passbook and credit card
    • Online shopping is enabled easily through the mode of Internet Banking.

    While there are many advantages of Internet Banking, there are a few pitfalls involved too. Online fraud, phishing attempts, identity theft, hacking and malware are some of the risks faced online. To avoid these risks of Internet banking and to keep your account safe, follow the tips outlined below.

    5 Tips for Safe Internet Banking

    Strong and Secure Password

    Create and use a strong password. Avoid the use of personal information like birthdays, names of family members or pets as your password. A skilled hacker can easily crack such passwords. Instead use a mix of uppercase and lowercase letters, special symbols and numbers to make a secure and strong password.

    Change your password frequently and do not share or write down your password. Never disclose your password in response to any phone call or e-mail. Remember that your bank will never ask you to reveal such information to it.

    Bank Online Only from Secure Networks and Location

    Public wi-fi, cyber cafes and other free networks should be avoided when transacting on Internet Banking. Safeguard yourself from the theft of personal information and hacking.

    Transact only from the safety of your personal wi-fi and only on your bank’s encrypted site. Encrypted sites will have the lock symbol in the web address bar and begin with the word “https.”

    Choose Bank Notifications

    Enable and opt to get bank notifications. Most banks have the facility to send you notifications on your e-mail or as messages on your phone number. These notifications alert you every time your account is accessed and transactions are done. These notifications will enable you to keep track of your account and act swiftly to stop any transaction that was not initiated by you.

    Always Log off and Close Browser<

    Once your Internet Banking Transaction is done, always log off and close your browser. Disable the “Auto Complete” button in your browser and double check to see if you have cleared your cache at the end of your session. This will prevent cross-site hijacking.

    Update Your System and Install Anti-virus Software

    Update your operating system regularly. Upgrade and install the required security and anti-virus software. Look into the updates suggested by your system and format it accordingly. This will safeguard your data.

    Anti-virus software will help to detect and disable malicious software.

    These little precautions and vigilance on your part will ensure your safety during net banking. We at AU Small Finance Bank Limited, strive to provide our valuable customers with a user-friendly and secure Internet Banking experience.

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