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Top 5 things to know when applying for a pre-owned car loan

    Keep these mantras in mind when applying for a pre-owned car loan to help you derive maximum value – and satisfaction.
    Buying a car often involves a considerable expense, even if you opt for a pre-owned variant. A well-planned finance scheme could make it a lot simpler to get the keys of your dream machine. However, in case you are planning to buy a pre-owned car through a finance scheme or a loan, there are some important factors that you must keep in mind. Here are 5 top tips.
    • Finalise your budget first

    The first thing that you must consider is the budget that you want to zero in on. Gone are the days of unorganized used car sales where dealers would call the shots and arbitrarily decide on rates. You can now decide online on any of the pre-owned car platforms and choose the kind of money you are ready to spare for the vehicle of your choice.
    • Calculate the EMI and the rate of interest

    The next step is, of course, calculating the equated monthly installment. Afterall, the monthly outgo should be in a range that you can afford comfortably. This includes the rate of interest that will be levied on the loan as well. So, you have to get the terms of payment very clearly.
    • Consider the loan tenure

    The tenure of the loan is also important. This also impacts the EMI calculation directly. Most used car loan tenures range between 4-5 years. You need to remember the lesser the loan tenure, lesser the interest that you need to pay. But the overall monthly outgo needs to match your income and affordability as well.
    • Look for ways to get the right valuation of the car you choose

    Getting proper valuation for your used car is also an important task. This is because unlike new cars, different pre-owned cars have different valuations. Each car is unique in that perspective. Thankfully, with a fairly large number of organized players in the market now, valuations of older pre-owned vehicles are more transparent now. But you need to be on your guard and get the best value-for-money bargain.
    • Find out how much percent will the bank/NBFC finance for you

    Typically, finance companies offer loans up to 80-85 percent of the vehicle value but there are some that can offer as low as 60 percent of the value of the car. It is important to know this figure because that will decide the amount of money that you need to pay upfront or as down payment.
    Ultimately, all these factors will make sure that you are able to get maximum value at minimum cost. Moreover, the terms of the loan often decide the ultimate affordability of the deal and making an informed choice becomes important.