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Five common mistakes that you must avoid while buying used cars

    Buying used cars need a lot more care and attention than new cars. As a result, potential buyers have to be very careful and pay attention to details. It goes without saying that you must only shop with reliable dealers and preferably organized players. But that apart, there are some common mistakes that we must be careful about.
    • Not checking vehicle’s history

    This is one of the most common mistakes that customers tend to make when buying a used car. Not checking the vehicle’s history would mean that you will have no idea about whether the vehicle has been involved in any accident, been driven through a flood or undergone any massive repair work. The best thing is now all these details are available at the click of a mouse. The vehicle’s history will give you a realistic idea about the condition of the car.
    • Not being particular about vehicle certification

    Often we see buyers opting for private sellers in the hope of getting a good bargain. However, it is always better to opt for certified cars. Not only do you get a fair report on the car’s actual condition but most cars are refurbished too before being certified and sold. As a result, your incremental cost on the vehicle will be much lesser.
    • Checking fuel efficiency

    Ignoring the fuel consumption level is a common mistake by most used car buyers. Even if you like the vehicle a lot and fits perfectly in your budget, it is important that you check the mileage carefully. That will ultimately help you get an economical car that also makes for a value buy. And, in current times of skyhigh fossil fuel prices, good fuel economy is vital for your wallet.
    • Missing the inspection report for the vehicle

    It is always advisable not to miss the inspection report of the used car. In case your dealer does not have a proper report in place, it is better to change the dealer and opt for someone who will share the inspection report with buyers. It is possible that this might take a little more time and cost a little extra but it is worth getting it.
    • Deciding without comparing

    It is possible that you may like a car at first look but it is always advisable to compare it with multiple other options and perhaps a few other dealers as well. Not just in terms of pricing but even in terms of options, you may get better alternatives through comparing.
    In general, certified used cars are more expensive but it is an option that cuts down future woes to a large extent. Apart from the price-tag, you must also take into account the car’s history and overall condition. Happy buying!