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4 Easy Steps to Calculate Your Two-Wheeler Loan EMI

    Two-wheeler loan pe EMI calculate karke, ab naya bike bhi hoga budget mein!

    Before you apply for loan, it is important to calculate EMI to have a rough idea about the EMI amount that you need to pay to the bank. This will help you understand whether you can repay the loan in time. It will also help you to plan your budget and monthly expenses accordingly.

    Ab aap soch rahe honge ki two-wheeler loan EMI calculate kaise karein? Don’t worry! It's very simple. You just need to know three things to calculate your EMI:

    1. Loan amount/Principal amount
    2. Interest rate
    3. Loan tenure/duration



    Now let’s proceed to the steps you need to know how to calculate two wheeler loan EMI:



    Step 1:

    Open AU Small Finance Bank website.

    Step 2:

    Under the menu option, choose EMI calculator (on the third last line of middle row)

    Step 3:

    Enter principal amount, duration of the loan and interest rate

    Step 4:

    Click on Submit, and you will have your EMI amount along with interest to be paid.


    To clear any confusion, here is what you need to remember:

    • Enter the value of the two-wheeler loan amount you wish to borrow from the bank
    • Fill in the loan interest rate offered by the bank
    • Type in the time-period (in months) you require to repay your loan

    In pointers ko dhyaan mein rakhte hue, aap koi bhi EMI calculator use karke apna bike loan ki EMI jaan sakte hain.

    Who Can Apply for a Two-Wheeler Loan?

    Agar aap two-wheeler loan eligibility se unfamiliar hain, toh neeche diye common eligibility criteria ko padh lein:

    1. You should be in the age range of 21-65 years.
    2. Your minimum annual income (gross) should be above INR 96,000. However, this can vary from one bank to another. It also depends on which city you live in.
    3. You must have a good credit score. Credit scores are a summary of your previous credit reports. These are checked to decide whether giving loan to you is risky for the lender or not.

    We hope that this blog has helped you understand how to calculate your two-wheeler loan EMI. In case of any queries, please call AU Bank at 1800-1200-1200.

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