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1. Which all services are available to me once my ABHI Account is opened?

Once your AU ABHI Savings Account is opened, you can:

  • Register for our mobile banking and internet banking facility
  • You can transfer money from your AU ABHI account
  • You can shop online using your AU ABHI Virtual debit card

2. How can I deposit money into my AU ABHI account?

You can deposit money into your AU ABHI account in any of the following ways:

  • via a payment gateway using your Debit Card
  • via a Funds Transfer from another account using NEFT or IMPS

3. How much money can I deposit in this account?

  • The maximum amount you can keep in this account, at any given point of time, is INR 1 Lakh.
  • In a financial year, you can credit a maximum of INR 2 Lakhs in this account. For higher limits, you will be required to convert this account into a regular Savings Account with complete KYC (Know Your Customer) documentation
  • The validity of this account will be one year, within which you will be required to convert this account into a regular Savings Account with complete KYC documentation.

The process of sharing your complete KYC documentation is a quick and easy process and we will help you through it.

4. How can I convert my AU ABHI account into a regular Savings Account fulfilling the required KYC documentation criteria?

  • An appointment can be scheduled through AU ABHI app or by calling AU Bank customer care at 1800 1200 1200
  • Post completion of the KYC requirements and an in-person verification, your account will be converted into a Savings Account Value account within minutes.

5. What is a Virtual Debit Card? How do I use it?

AU ABHI brings to you a Virtual Debit Card which is generated through the AU ABHI app while opening your account. You can use it to shop online, pay bills or do recharges.
Once your Virtual Debit Card is generated, we request you to save a screenshot of the same in your mobile.

6. Can you explain verification process to me?

Our customer care executive will ask you to verify your credentials by checking your fingerprints on a biometric device. After this we will verify the remaining details and take you and your final consent to release your details through biometric authentication. 
Once this has been done, your account will be upgraded into a regular Savings Account.

7. Do I need to carry my Aadhaar card, PAN card or any other documents if I choose to visit an AU Bank branch to convert my account?

Our aim is to keep our process ‘paper-free’ by using fingerprint-based authentication wherever possible, and we don't really require you to show us any documents.
However, we would recommend that you carry your Aadhaar and PAN cards in case your finger print authentication does not get seamlessly verified, or you do not remember your correct Aadhaar or PAN numbers.

8. Can I hold my AU ABHI account jointly with another applicant?

Unfortunately, the AU ABHI account is intended for a single user only and cannot be held jointly.

9. Is my information secure?

The security of your personal information and your online banking transactions are of utmost importance to us. We maintain robust security standards, including Internal Systems Encryption and Firewalls, to prevent unauthorized access to your information.

10. I do not have a PAN card. Can I still apply for the AU ABHI account?

We request you to get your PAN card made as the corresponding details are mandatorily required to open your AU ABHI account.

11. I do not have an Aadhaar number. Can I still apply for a AU ABHI account?

We request you to get your Aadhaar card made as the corresponding details are mandatorily required to open your AU ABHI account.

12. How do I generate my Virtual Debit Card PIN?

You can generate your Virtual Debit Card PIN through an environment-friendly and paperless process as given below:

  1. You are requested to call our Customer Care number 1800 1200 1200 through your registered mobile number
  2. Post selection of your preferred language, you are requested to select the option of ‘GREEN PIN Reset’
  3. Thereafter, you will be prompted to enter your unique customer credentials. There for, you are requested to keep the following details accessible during the call
    • Your Customer ID
    • Your 16-digit ABHI Account number linked to your Virtual Debit Card
    • Your 16-digit Virtual Debit Card number
    • Your Virtual Debit Card’s expiry date in MMYY format (e.g. if expiry date is March 2021, enter 0321)
  4. Post validation of the above-mentioned details, you will be prompted to confirm your 4-digit Debit Card PIN of choice
  5. Once confirmed, the entered 4-digit PIN will be set as your new Debit Card PIN

13. How do I register for Internet Banking and Mobile Banking services?

Both, Internet Banking Mobile Banking facilities can be accessed using the same Username and password credentials. All you need to do is register for either of the services and set a username and password of your choice. Thereafter, you can access both the services using the same credentials.

  1. If you are registering through our Internet Banking facility:
    • Visit our website at Proceed to the Internet Banking login section on our website
    • Click on ‘Register’ and follow the steps given below
      • If you are registering through our Mobile Banking App for Android phones:
        • Download the 'AU Bank' app and launch it on your phone
        • Click on the icon on the top-right corner and then click on ‘Register’ and follow the steps given below:
  2. For enhanced security, we follow a 2-factor authentication protocol. We begin by validating your account details followed by your Debit Card details. Request you to keep the below mentioned details accessible before you proceed further:
    • Your Account Type
    • Your Customer ID
    • Your 16-digit ABHI Account number
    • Your First Name and Last Name (as registered with the Bank)
    • Your email ID registered with the Bank
    • Your Date of Birth
  3. Post validation of the entered details, you will receive a 6-digit OTP (One Time Password) on your registered mobile number
  4. Along with the received OTP, you are required to enter your 16-digit Debit Card number and 4-digit Debit Card PIN (which you would have already set as per the details mentioned above)
  5. After submitting the details, you will be prompted to set your choice of Internet Banking username and password
  6. Once the username and password are set, you can use these details for accessing the Internet Banking facility henceforth


You can now use your Internet Banking & Mobile Banking services!

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