Corporate Identity

A customer-centric institution and solution-focused bank

Our journey began in 1996 when a first generation entrepreneur started as a vehicle financier. Over the years we evolved into a Fortune India 500 Company and a Scheduled Commercial Bank. During this journey, ‘solution orientation’ and ‘customer-centric approach’ have been the hallmark of the progress that we have made and have allowed us to acquire the trust of our customers and deliver a consistent performance.

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Our Vision

To be the world’s most trusted retail bank and coveted employer that is admired as the epitome of financial inclusion and economic success, where ordinary people do extraordinary things to transform society at large, thereby guaranteeing trust, confidence, and customer delight.

AU Dharma

Dharma is a way of life. It defines our intrinsic nature, upholding the duties and responsibilities that come with our existence. The AU Dharma is codified by the six guiding pillars that provide the foundation on which we do the right thing, in the right way.

Our Mission

To build one of India’s largest retail franchise that is admired for.


The journey of AU Small Finance Bank (incorporated as L.N. Finco Gems Pvt. Ltd.) was started by Mr. Sanjay Agarwal, a Rank Holder CA and a first generation entrepreneur who began with... money,
no business plan and
no clients.

His self-belief, honesty, work ethics were different from that of others and this helped him to explore, take risks, try and grab any opportunity that came his way. He started putting his learning blocks together to set up a small business. Over time, people acknowledged that here was an entrepreneur with a ‘can do’ attitude.


The Company became a Direct Sales Associate of various banks such as HDFC Bank, Citibank, among others, to do financing business.

Learnt the mechanics of finance.

The Company firmly adhered to its values of building relationships with a personalised touch and, most importantly, ‘financing with responsibility’ because the money of HNIs and Banks could not be lost.


The Company become a Channel Business partner for HDFC Bank in Rajasthan.

The industry noticed us.

The values, credit ethos and processes of a good financial institution were ingrained in us in these years. It made us believe that opportunities in Financial Services were immense. We needed to be straightforward and transparent with an eye for detail.


Channel business expertise, good governance, faith of global marquee investors and a robust business model propelled the turbine of success. With strong execution, we expanded our operations to new geographies, added products and developed a professional team.

Multifold increase in Balance Sheet size.

With the right DNA and strong execution capabilities, our faith became stronger that scale and size is just a number and opportunities are immense in the financial service space. We just needed to apply ourselves sensibly.


Small Finance Bank guidelines were announced in November 2014. We read it and immediately realised that we fitted in perfectly within this carefully designed proposition.

Received the RBI License for a Small Finance Bank.

The Company, Au Financiers (India) Limited, a systemically Important NBFC, applied for the Small Finance Bank License and in September 2015, we received the in-principal approval from the RBI. The whole team was ecstatic and on top of the world.

On 20th December 2016, the RBI issued us the prestigious Small Finance Bank (SFB) license. We were the only Asset Finance Company to receive the SFB license.


Building a Bank was a natural progression for us, and a hard-earned extension of the relentless work of serving the financial needs of millions of unserved and underserved people for over two decades.

Grand commencement of a Bank and successful listing on NSE and BSE.

AU Small Finance Bank received a Scheduled Bank status in November 2017 and became a Fortune India 500 Company in the very first year of starting its banking operations. Our core fibre of Six Dharmas and following them religiously brought us here. As a young, energetic and customer-centric institution, we will continue to challenge the status quo and usher in new age banking with simplicity and convenience.

OUR JOURNEY so far...







Balance Sheet Size

1 Cr.
42,143 Cr.


17.2 lakh

Profit after tax

` 0.001 Cr.
` 675 Cr.
Contiguous expansion
Small ticket size loans
Strong collections focus
Secured loan book
Pricing the risk appropriately
Focus on financing income generating assets

Consistent growth in marketshare, geographic presence accompanied with healthy profitability

Marquee investors as our shareholders

Only asset financing NBFC to receive an SFB license

Largest SFB by balance sheet size

Strong track record of good asset quality in our 25 years of existence

Performance highlights

Making every quarter count

  • Total balance sheet assets
  • Loan assets under management
  • Deposits
  • Disbursements
  • Net interest income

Total balance sheet assets

Total balance sheet assets

(` in crore)

Loan assets under management

Loan assets under management

(` in crore)



(` in crore)



(` in crore)

Net interest income

Net interest income

(` in crore)

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MD & CEO’s Message

All for Banking. Banking for All.

‘‘The financial year 2019-20 will be the Golden year in the history of AU Bank - a year full of learnings and hard work. We gained a deeper understanding of the essence of the banking franchise.’’


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Chairman’s communiqué

Driving progress with stability, change with continuity

“AU Bank completed its three years as a Bank and 25 years as an institution. While seized by the impending challenges, the Bank remains charged with optimism, and I have confidence in the Bank’s ability to overcome the challenges and scale greater heights.”


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Whole-Time Director’s Message

Building a strong foundation

‘‘FY 2019-20 was another year of sound performance, where we expanded our outreach to 647 touchpoints, grew our disbursements by ~16% to ` 18,634 crore and, in turn, grew our AUM by 27% to ` 30,893 crore.’’


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Growing with Robust Enablers

Solutions for every need

Building a distinct value proposition

As a Bank, we aspire to become the preferred destination for all the financial needs ...

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Digital banking

Smart way of banking

Digitalisation has been reshaping the Indian banking industry over the past few years, aided by the emergence of newer distribution models and the overall development of our nation.

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Making sense of data

Enhancing outcomes with analytics

At AU Bank, we are harnessing the power of data for effort optimisation, quick decision-making and customer delight through a 360° analytical approach.

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Customer delight

Turning buzzwords into reality

‘Customer focus’ is a part of the AU Dharma, defining our purpose of existence and we are making our way forward with customers at the core.

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Brand identity

Banking on trust, simplicity and convenience

Branding and marketing at AU Bank isn’t a ‘one-size-fits-all’ strategy.

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A track record of excellence

Progressing towards an enduring future

Gross AUM (on and off book)

(` in crore)


(` in crore)

Profit after tax

(` in crore)

Net worth

(` in crore)

Risk management

Safeguards for sustainability

We believe a strong risk management culture is fundamental to our success. It ensures that our activities and impact are consistent with our overall strategy and priorities.

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Robust governance

Good governance, better outcomes

We believe good corporate governance is an essential foundation for strong performance. It provides proper oversight and accountability, strengthens internal and external relationships, builds trust with our stakeholders and promotes the long-term interests of shareholders.

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Board of Directors

Mr. Raj Vikash Verma


Mr. Krishan Kant Rathi

Independent Director

Ms. Jyoti Narang

Independent Director

Mr. Pushpinder Singh

Additional Director (Independent)

Professor M S Sriram

Additional Director (Independent)

Mr. V G Kannan

Additional Director (Independent)

Mr. Narendra Ostawal

Non Executive Director

Mr. Sanjay Agarwal

Managing Director & CEO

Mr. Uttam Tibrewal

Whole-time Director

Sustainability Initiatives & Financial Inclusion

Staying true to our commitments

AU Small Finance Bank, with its 25 years of experience and a mission to give wings to the aspirations of millions through its financial services in the unserved and underserved market, has successfully built a business model to gain the trust of its stakeholders.

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Response against COVID-19

Stepping up during crisis

By the end of the financial year, the novel Coronavirus pandemic had spread across more than 200 countries. India was no exception. The Central Government, in
co-ordination with states, imposed a nationwide lockdown to break the chain of transmission. Economic activities came to a halt.

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