AU Bank
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Our Brand Identity

    Reminiscent of the rising sun, AU Bank heralds a new dawn into the lives of everyone it touches. This sentiment is perfectly captured in our thoughtfully designed logo. The colours are young and vivid, so as to break away from the clutter and demand attention. The colour orange is a warm and inviting colour, very stimulating and signifies optimism. The colour purple evokes creativity and innovation as well as connotes being premium. To balance the attributes of the above two colours, we have used white which signifies simplicity, transparency and symbolizes new beginnings.

    The logo philosophy seamlessly translates into our tagline, ‘Chalo Aage Badhein’. It is a no-frills articulation of our brand ethos – no matter what your goal is, we’ll help you achieve it. The simple idea that we’ll walk with you, all the way, is communicated succinctly with this carefully crafted tagline.