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Our Story

AU is a dream that was started 25 years ago by Mr. Sanjay Agarwal, a merit holder Chartered Accountant and a first-generation entrepreneur.

Founded in Jaipur in 1996 as Au Financiers, a non-deposit taking Non-Banking Finance Company (NBFC), it effectively worked on funding economic growth, especially for the under-served and un-served low & middle-class individuals. For over two decades we provided secured funding to customers largely in Vehicle Loan, Business Loan and Housing Loan segments while organically spreading our geographical presence. In 2015, when RBI came out with the Small Finance Bank licensing guidelines, AU was the strongest of the 10 selected entities out of 74 applicants to receive this coveted license thanks to its strong foothold and proven track record. Au Financiers transformed into AU Small Finance Bank in April 2017 and the same year we registered a stellar listing while earning trust of renowned investors.

Today, we stand tall as a Scheduled Commercial Bank and a Fortune India 500 Company that is enabling a convenient banking experience with many industry-first initiatives. As a retail focused bank constantly innovating to make banking simple for its customers, AU Bank is now moving towards being a digitally led Bank with pan India presence. As we grow, we continue to be farsighted and align the interest of our community at large.

Throughout our journey we have focused on solutions, completely based on our customers’ needs. Our transformation, from being a finance company to a bank, which provides a place for safe keeping, is a reflection of many things that AU stands for:
  • Inclusiveness
  • Progress for all
  • Simplicity
  • Action and urgency
These are not just words. In fact, they are the very pillars on which AU Small Finance Bank serves You – the most important member of the AU family.


To be the world’s most trusted retail bank and coveted employer that is admired as the epitome of financial inclusion and economic success, where ordinary people do extraordinary things to transform society at large, thereby guaranteeing Trust, Confidence and Customer Delight.

Mission Statement

To build one of India’s largest retail franchise by 2022 that is admitted for:


Message from the MD

Mr. Sanjay Agarwal Managing Director & CEO


Welcome to AU Small Finance Bank!

It is a great privilege and honour to build an institution which is the epitome of trust and relationship. We are grateful to the Government of India and the RBI who conceptualized the platform of Small Finance Banks to take banking to the emerging India. We thank the regulators, who provided us the guidance; our investors, who always kept their faith and our customers, who made us.

We immensely value the power of this platform and the trust that has been bestowed on us. We are investing in building the character of the bank on the foundation of the strong values of prudence (समझदारी), responsibility (ज़िम्मेदारी) and honesty (ईमानदारी).

In this journey, on behalf of AU Bank, we promise you that:
• We will always challenge the status quo for a simplified banking experience.
• We will always be flexible in approach for providing solutions.
• We will always be credible bankers.

We are building an inclusive and sustainable institution which can last forever. Look forward to serving your lifecycle requirement with utmost care and sensitivity to build an everlasting relationship with you.

कभी नहीं थकेंगे,
कभी नहीं थमेंगे,
कभी नहीं मुड़ेंगे,
हमेशा आगे बढ़ेंगे,

चलो आगे बढ़ें !

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Our CSR Initiatives

AU Bank has focused its efforts towards significant economic and social well-being of communities by touching their lives as a part of its all-embracing sustainability strategy. AU Bank believes in supporting initiatives aimed at creating conditions suitable for sustainable livelihood in these communities. We are solving some of the persistent challenges in the areas of livelihood enhancement, vocational skilling, financial literacy, promoting sporting talent, promotion of education and preventive healthcare.

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Our Brand Identity

The logo philosophy seamlessly translates into our tagline, Chalo Aage Badhein. It is a no-frills articulation of our brand ethos – no matter what your goal is, we’ll help you achieve it. The simple idea that we’ll walk with you, all the way, is communicated succinctly with this carefully crafted tagline.

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